I wanted to take a moment out of my busy schedule of procrastinating from study (I’ve an exam tomorrow morning – yikes!) and mention how I watched this doco on country music a while back and while not all of it’s for me, there were a couple of acts that were catchy — first and foremost, Buck Owens. He’s got a great style of singing. I was looking on yutoob to see if there was much stuff of him and his backup band, the Buckaroos and I came across this:

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The song, I’ve got a tiger by the tail is great, but this is a pretty flat version of it. But the thing about this music-video version is that it was live on the set of the original Duke of Hazard tv show. It’s a bizarre experience seeing that cast again. I never realised how cartoonish they were.

I watched that show when I was a small boy. It’s strange to think that there was an era of TV where the climax of the primetime 7:30pm TV show was a car chase.