forty one and still having fun

Yes it was my birthday a week ago. Here is what I got!

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For over two years I’ve been wanting to watch Korg 70 000 BC and for over two years I haven’t seen it anywhere as a torrent, so here we are. I got the DVD. This is another show that I dimly remember seeing as a child on BTV6. I can remember being at a friend’s house on a Saturday arvo and seeing it. This would’ve been in 1981 or ’82 I suppose. I won’t say too much about the actual show now because there’s not much info on the net so I might do an episode by episode synopsis. I will say that it kicked off in my birth year, 1974. And I thought the episodes would be 45mins each but are more like 25mins.

Also, Crocs. Really I was just looking for footwear that were comfortable enough to take over duties from another pair of comfortable plastic shoes made by Rivers that I now realise were crocs knock-offs. Apparently most people don’t like them and consider them hideous which is a shame because I think they’re really quite good. People say they make your feet look like hooves but my feet _really are that shape_. And hopefully wearing them with socks is <a href=””>the only thing I have in common with george w bush</a>.

As long as the strap is back over the ankle so they don’t fly off if you are running I really think these are our footwear of the future and we all will be wearing them in the far off future along with shiny silver jumpsuits that have a big triangle on the front.

Surely I must be somebody else you’ve known

Well here we are — 40 today. Firty. Of the generalisations I’ve heard other people say the only one I can really relate to is that I don’t feel much different to when I was 30 or 20. As for ‘life starts at 40’ I don’t get that at all. Maybe that was for people who had kids when they were 20. I’m feeling more and more mortal with each passing year. My metabolism is slowing down and during the last year and a bit have started to develop tinnitus. Just mildly for a while but in the last month or two it gets a fair bit louder in late afternoon/evening. The annoying thing is that I thought was something that happened to people who listened to too much really loud music, or hitting crash symbols, or operating industrial machinery. I’ve been careful my whole ferty years to avoid those things and dang it I still get tinnitus. It makes me want to fug it all and just go join a heavy sludge rock band.

About two of the last four nights I’ve dreamt of bass guitar and it makes me think I should start playing it again instead of faffing around with normal 6 string guitars. I just like buying things.

I still even have a bass. The one I first got when I started getting paid in my first year or korea. It’s pretty good quality but I’ve never liked the look of it plus it’s the jazz-bass configuration and I prefer P-bass. I foolishly didn’t slacken the strings on _any_ of the guitars for the trip back (plus the year they sat unused last year) so the neck on the the bass is a bit bowed. Adjusting the nut doesn’t seem to help. I am considering applying greater pressure to it. The top of the guitar is *spalted burl*. I’ve had the guitar nearly 10 years and I just looked up what spalted burl is. It’s the knotty bit on a tree trunk. I never liked the look of it and I still don’t but at least I now have a bit more respect for what it is.

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39: feelin’ fine

Oddly enough I experienced none of the angst this year that I did the last few years on the same day. I think it’s that this year I know I really am doing nothing whereas before I was under the illusion I was doing something because I spending a few hours a week at a ‘job’. I’ve been thinking of different jobs I could do, like recording those in-shop messages that come over the intercom saying, “store security to department 3”, and then a minute later [more urgently] “Security, department 3″. Or I could roam around eliminating wrongly placed apostrophes from signboards and other public places. I’d need a govt grant for that. I’ve noticed via Twitter that pretty much _all_ the V8 supercar drivers are apostrophe abusers but Lewis Hamilton, of F1 fame, knows well how to place the ‘stroph.

This link is already on the <a href=””>delicious feed</a> (right) but I am quite inspired by <a href=″>this 15thC. boy</a> and his diligence in documenting his own fashion sense. I may do the same since I got some clothes for my birthday.

Also I wanted to show and tell my piggy plate. I got it as part of a set of four at a garage sale. The others are sheep, cow and chicken. Piggy is the stand out, partly because he is wearing a napkin as if he is about to have a meal rather than be the meal as the collection would suggest. They were made in Indo-nesia.

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Like 9 cans of shaving powder

Well hell-O and Happy Birthday to me. Thirty-eight and feelin great. It took that to get me back on here and bloggen.

I never really played it but I’ve been checking out the music from grand theft auto 3: san andreas. Say want you want about the GTA series, but the in-game radio stations have all kinds of styles of music, and most are impeccably programmed. I think it was George Clinton that did the funk set, and it included a couple of tracks by the Ohio Players. This one, Funky worm.

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people like frank

It was my birthday a week ago. I turned 36. I realised I’m not coping well with birthdays in recent years. I think I have some sort of expectation that I should be somewhere or doing something and I’m not. Also partly because I don’t feel like I’ve done much in this last 12 months. On a day to day basis I guess things are okay and I’m healthy so that’s a good thing. “Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” — Mohandas Ghandi.

*   *   *

While I’m sweeping up half-saved drafts:

Yes Dennis Hopper died (a week or two back). It’s sad but everyone dies. The most notable mention alongside this has been easyrider. I’m only mentioning this here because Hopper happened to be in two of my fave films. (Oh, also, there was this great doco series I saw once called something like, ‘the fine art of seperating people and their money’ about advertising and its history. dennis MCed it.)

But what I really liked, was that he played the more-than half-crazed photo-journalist in _Apocalypse Now_. Did you know that ‘if’ is the middle word in life?

Even better than that (no not _Space Truckers_) was his playing Frank Booth in _Blue Velvet_. I remember ages ago seeing some DVD end-matter that was telling how Lynch was doing the casting for the film and Dennis had read the part and was pleading to be Frank. Lynch was hesitant because Dennis had been on and off the drugs for a while and would probably be unreliable. Hopper said that _he was_ Frank Booth and that’s why he needed the part. Anyway there were heaps of great lines that came out of that character but I just thought that it was great, that as an actor, you might get the opportunity to explore parts of your own psyche through a role, particularly the darker parts.

I’ll eat every cake in New York City

*<a href=”″>Where’s the cake? Gimme the cake. GET the cake!</a>*

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It’s probably wrong to have to light your own candles but I was taking der fotos.

I’ve been here 6 months and there’s this section on the other side of town that I’d still never been to. The study is killin me. I should be doing it right now. If I’m not working, or studying (very little time involved) then I’m sitting here think I should be studying (most of the time) and so, I haven’t been out exploring all that much. I actually dreamed about this other part of town the other night, so I thought time to do something about it. Took a taxi there. Trekked around for ages looking for this one Indian restaurant. Eventually found it. THe lamb was awesome – it had no fat at all. It was J-e’s birthday the other day. I’ve never known anyone to be so crazy about cake. They don’t even let her into cakeshops anymore. She’d punch somebody in the head for some cake.

*   *   *

Here are some other things. There’s a good fastfood place in the Jongno area in Seoul, called <a href=””>Sultan Kebab</a>. They have a very good ‘lamb sandwich’ as they call it, but it looks more like a roll to me. Jong-gak stn exit one, walk straight for 70 metres. Itch on your right.

*(12/Mar/10) Update!:* Sultan Kebab has closed!  I don’t know why. Maybe something happened in the old country and the man had to go home. Damn shame. There’s still a small one in Itaewon but they’re menu isn’t as wide. *(End Update)*

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This company has made the bold move to use the correct phraseology, ‘grand opening’ instead of the much more common, fucked up ‘grand open’. Good for them.

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