Joe Francis has given a call and is very frustrated that his modem has stopped working. He has changed it 3 times.

I guess I musta been busy or sumpn because I just started to get a bit of rhythm going here then lost it for a week or so.

Just read an interesting article on attention, distraction etc. <a href=””>here.</a> Interesting. I sure as hell don’t feel like I have the little bit of centeredness I once did. Life is a dizzy blur these days. I haven’t meditated for over a year. (Well okay – that article motivated me to sit down for five minutes and try.) And you know sometimes I can see how the harshness of life and how I am approaching these days is literally biting me – I can see it in the way I hold my face.

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I have been selling some stuff on ebay. Stuff that’s in Australia. Guitar foot pedals I left there at christmas. So far 6 out of nine done with no major hassles.