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I was out at the airport on Friday to pick up the g/f from her bidness trip to china. She brought back a load of pickles. There was heaps of coppers and security dudes at the airport. Apparently there is some big do on in the city during the next couple of days.

I have to say the change from last year’s job to this one is a step up. It sounds crazy but I’m only working two days a week. Even I, with my advanced abilities to handle slackerdom, am unsure if this is the right time of life for me to be ascending to the two-day working week/5 day weekend. I mean, once you go there, it’s hard to go back. Admittedly, the two days are long days. I have morning classes and I have night classes so I’m stuck down there all day with large chunks of waiting around. The best parts are that the students are pretty easy to get along with. I am a little surprised that their level of English isn’t that much higher than the last place but their willingness to fall in line and stay there is much better, and that lowers the all-round stress levels. Also, the boy students don’t smoke in the toilets! This is unheard of in tertiary institutions in this country, as far as I know. And students in general are friendlier – they say hello in the halls even when they don’t know you.

I’m liking angry birds’ latest iteration, angry birds in space. It’s quite involved getting those orbital trajectories right.

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lacerate your brain

And so, unpopular as it may be, I wanted to mention a few _apps_ of note that I’ve come across lately.

First one, just yesterday, is <a href=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/google-translate/id414706506?mt=8″>google translate</a> which could potentially be a _game changer_ in that it will change the game I play weekly to get money. The one called teaching english as a second language. I just speak right into the phone and it uses voice/word recognition, then via the internet connection translates up to a whole sentence into the 2nd language and shows it on the screen in that language, but you can also click to have it come out of the speaker as a computer voice.

I may need to practice and adjust how I talk when I talk to it because when I said ‘people in this country are idiots’ it thought I said ‘people in the country of India’.

Second is, as recently mentioned, Angry Birds, which only just recently became available to buy in korea. I know I’m wasting time with it but in any given day there are minutes which if they are not wasted in one way, will surely be wasted in another. There’s not much to say about angry birds. It’d be a challenge to write an essay on the narrative underpinning angry birds, but I’m sure someone will try. One thing I did find interesting was that a couple of the green pigs’ structures were adorned with a little swedish flag and I thought it might be a sign of some light ribbing toward their scandanavian neighbours, but then there was also a finnish flag in the same place in one screen as well.

Third is an iPad app, put out by the people who run the Ultimateguitar.com website. Very crafty on their part. The app itself is free, and you buy a subscription (8 bucks for a year) and it serves up the data from the website in the form of guitar chords and tabs. They have thousands and thousands of songs on there. Again, crafty because all of those song chords were submitted by people ‘the community’ and now the website is making a pretty penny from it. And of course you don’t really have to pay — you can still use a web browser and see the songs that way. One neat thing the app can do is transpose chords up or down however many keys you need.

I figured it was worth paying for because sitting around learning and playing songs is infinitely more constructive than playing computer games. We were playing Ziggy’s Rock And Roll Suicide last night.


I got to say

the only thing to have brought on ‘that christmas feel’ in years is the background sounds loop on the new Angry Birds Seasons, that people can play for free by using google chrome. The combo of wind-whipping, sleigh bells, harp and other glassy tinkles is just right. Angry Birds is a Finnish creation and real christmas sits best in that almost no sun time of year and that part of the world.

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