the traveller

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I found this picture on a clothes shopping website. I like it because it reminded me of viggo mortensen in the movie _The Road_. The beard and the jawline I guess. And the hood. This guy looks like he’s hiding from rabid cannibals — that’s why he’s crouched down and I suppose he’s on that clay tennis court because he’s scrounging for food…? Or tennis balls.

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And then, two times now Aldi has sent me this image in their email newsletter catalogue. WHAT THE FUCK? pixelated genitalia on a ‘gummi bear’? The naked form of a candied bear is a beautiful thing, Aldi, not something to be looking askance to.

Man being a parent is hard work. Sleep deprivation has taken on a meaning deeper by magnitudes. I can remember back working in Korea and at times I would wake up and the first thing I would think is Oh I’m tired and as soon as I’ve finished my shift I’m coming straight back to bed. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I know that such luxury is not an option, or if it’s something else but I just zombie on through the day with a lot less sleep, but probably more caffeine.

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And he just wants to go. I sit him on the front porch and he’s down and off towards the footpath as soon as he can get there. I don’t understand it – where does he think he’s going?

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