I decided the responsive theme was too much like joining the Borg. There was no easy way to modify it. It’s like those new cars that have the engine bay all locked up in plastic and you need a qualification in rocket science to make any changes to it. So, it’s back to the old style, but with more motivation to update it.

Similarly, I wake to find that self-preservation has spurred the labor party to stick kruddy back into nerd postition no.1 up there in nerdcity. Because being out of power is a great motivator.

The whole enchilada

I felt like being daring and upgrading the wordpress installation to the latest version. _(just press the button it’s not rocket science!)_ Sunny Breaks had been using the very old 2.01, a technological laggard more’s the pity, but the last attempt at a big upgrade resulted in flipping out the HostCentral server. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.
Also the theme, or ‘look’ if you will. Cutprice is not just a theme, _it’s a platform_. Also, they rent trucks. It will be modified to look a little less mundane in the near future. We’re even intending to reopen comments–after about five or six years of not caring what you think.
Lastly, note the “tags”. This is a clever device THEMAN has invented to get The Kids to do their own indexing.

_*Update:*_ Comments n’ pings are now enabled. Comment til ur little hearts are content. Comment til you can comment no more. Comment like it’s going out of style.