Oh the grand old Duke of York

Blogging is about the only thing that falls into the Yes I’ll try a New Year’s resolution on that. Everything else is either If I really want to change I should start right now, or This will never change so I’m not even going to think about it.

The main class I was teaching last semester was in the 18 to early twenties category. I actually had to explain to them what a blog was — that’s how dead blogging is today in the way it was originally defined.

I have changed webhosts recently. Said guh-bye to bluehost. While I could not really complain about their uptime, the pricing had become ridiculous and they kept sending me spam-like marketing email which I could not ignore unless there was something important sent in relation to hosting of the site. So a big middle finger and good riddance to bluehost. I am now on SiteGround, which so far seems fine.

So here’s to bloggin’ everyday for the next 364 days.

Long story short

We here at Sunny breaks would like to acknowledge the continued awesomeness of <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> where this website has been perched hassle-free for the last six and a half years. Six and a half years!–that’s almost forever in internet-time. Most hosting people are capable of keeping servers running but I’ve found that few are good at the customer support part, especially when it means answering whingey, half-baked emails from customers. And that’s where <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> wins, great customer support. Plus it’s located in Melbourne so when Silicon Valley sinks into the Pacific, as it’s bound to do very soon, Sunny Breaks and all the other websites hosted on <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> will continue to rock the internet unimpeded.