and there you go

another year all wrapped up. I know I haven’t been ‘blogging’ much of late but it doesn’t mean that I’m dead. Far from it. Well, maybe not that far from it. I have been wasting large amounts of time in the last few weeks. Getting in my last stint of sloth for who knows how long. On boxing day I opened the curtains around midday and looked out and saw the office workers moving from their offices to the eateries, as they do every office-working day, and as I stood here on the couch in my pyjamas I thought, Is that what I’m in for next year? Could I _ever_ do that?

It’s t-minus one month until I leave korea. It’s going to be a relatively busy month. And it’s horribly cold outside. Moving is never fun but moving 8 years of hoarded trash across continents seems like a helluva lotta trouble. It’s times like this that I wished I lived in a shipping container so I could just keep playing Skyrim until the morning of Feb 1 when I’d hear forklift forks sliding into the slots and lifting the whole box off into a gigantic Tupolev or something, parachuting me out somewhere over Vic, Australia 12 hours later.

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