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I’m watching through the third season of Kojak, made in 1975 and Edward James Olmos popped up in one of his first credited TV roles.

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The whole show jumped the shark somewhere a few episodes back. I’m trying to stay positive about it. It happens to all TV series’ and it doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be any good stories come up again. Actually it’s a real Greek-fest. I’d say it was pretty unusual for it’s time because there’s whole episodes that centre on the greek community in NY, alludes to Greek culture or have Greek incidental characters. I know it’s about Telly Savalas but it’s not as if he wrote all the shows.

The other week I was wasting time before work and found that there’s a few episodes of the old Australian quiz show Sale of the Century on youtoob. It was an absolute trip watching a couple of episodes. Sale was always on around dinnertime in the loungeroom at my family house. I know Victoria Nichols was the first giftshop lady but the one I remember the best is <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delvene_Delaney”>Delvene Delaney</a>. What a fucken great name that is – Delvene. It’s extremely unlikely of ever happening but if I ever have children, and the child is a girl, you know I’ll be lobbying hard for the name Delvene.

Anyway, I hope the whole ten years or whatever it was of Sale makes it across the digital divide because it’s cool to see all these awesome things that they had in the giftshop, and the contestants’ hair styles and Tony Barber’s energy, which reminds me just a little of william Shatner’s.

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the movies are always groovy

Couple of films worth noting.

_Mikey & Nicky_ (1976) is something I came across via the beastie boys’ website.

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When watching it I thought there’s something a little odd about the scenes. Kind of reminded me of the way Lynch directs. Afterward I read on weeklepedia that the director, Elaine May, was basically insane and used more film in the shooting than was used in Gone wid da Wind. I guess she cajoled the two main actors into doing the same scenes 20 times over, with each take getting looser with the acting. That scuffle in the yootoob clip where Cassavetes slips over — you can’t act accidents like that.

_Suspiria_ (1977) is a film by an Italian director I only just heard of, Dario Argento.

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Visually it was extremely rich and I love that. I’m guessing it was shot in some oldish buidings somewhere in northern Italy that look amazing; the detailing in the wood of the doors is one tiny example. It’s not a film set, it’s a real, bizarre place. And many of the actors were flat out weird looking. The audio had a strange quality because the (Italian) actors performed in English, but then in post-production, they dubbed native English (English and American) actors voices over it. The lip-syncing is okay but there’s no ambient noise in the shots.

The plot is actually pretty lame and follows the standard slasher-flick structure. Still interesting to look at.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnybreaks/5639610222/” title=”suspiria-3 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5263/5639610222_7ccd6c2fff.jpg” width=”500″ height=”230″ alt=”suspiria-3″></a>


<a href=”http://cognitive-psychology.suite101.com/article.cfm/psychology_of_heavy_metal_music”>From:</a>

Effect on Animals

A student named David Merrill subjected mice to the music of a heavy metal band called Anthrax 24-hours a day to discover how it would affect their ability to learn new things, but instead of completing Merrill’s maze, the heavy metal mice all killed one another.

In a subsequent experiment in which the mice listened to heavy metal music for 10 hours each day, they did not become homicidal, but they did grow worse at solving the maze than they had been when they first encountered it. But research indicates that reactions to music are shaped by whether or not it is the genre of choice, and it’s highly unlikely that if the mice had a musical preference at all, it would have been Anthrax.

All I can say is when mice rise up and take over scientists will be in for some cruel and unusual times. David Merill, you have been warned.

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I was thinking more about car colour and why black, white, silver are so prevelent here now. Car colour choices correlate with economic conditions. In boom times people want exotic bright colours, but in more conservative times, like these economic times, the dulls predominate. And Korea always thinks it’s in hardtimes. If only it would relax, take a day off work and stop throwing rubbish on the ground.

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A couple more car chase movies:

_Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry_ : had a lime green 69 Dodge Charger in it. Script was pretty lame and I was cringing at how heavy Susan George’s natural tan was, although I never picked that she was English and doing an American accent.

_The Seven Ups_ : Have no idea what the title was about. Second of this subgenre to star Roy Scheider. I like Roy Scheider. He’s like a solid actor who was in some pretty big films of his day, but if you asked someone who was the main actor in _Jaws_ (not the fish) most people wouldn’t have a clue. He was an important part of making the films that he was in, without being bigger than the film itself. I like to think of Sunny Breaks as being the Roy Scheider of the blog-O-sphere.

Seven Ups also featured some of those great landmark bridges they have in New York, reminding me of GTA4. And it was shot in the dead of winter which seems so distant now.

_Magnum Force_ Written by that great hollywood hack, John Milius, with david Soul as the motorcycle cop baddie. Don’t know if this was an inspiration to T2, but manm, motorcycle cops can look evil when they want to.

_Duel_ Spielberg’s first film, which shows that the guy had talent before he had huge budgets to help him through. I loved the way it focussed on the truck as an entity. Part of what the car chase movie is about is long shots of the car — glorification of the car — something that _Dirty Mary…_ completely missed. _Duel_ was a really simple idea that really worked, is just as relevant today, with road rage and all, plus it was kind of ballsy to use so much internal dialog.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnybreaks/4925653240/” title=”Duel by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4117/4925653240_48da16c111.jpg” width=”400″ height=”300″ alt=”Duel” /></a>