Dish Cafe in Geelong

I just wanted to give a quick but big thumbs up to Dish in the middle of old Geelong town. Personally, I find very few places that I really like to go back to. Most places I go to are over-priced with average food or have reasonable prices but nasty food. The whole Waterfront area of Geelong is a tourist-trap full of terrible eateries these days.

And I can remember back to the late 90s/early 00s, and even earlier when the area around little Malop st, McLarty place, James street was full of interesting shops. All of the walk-by shopper traffic was sucked away by the Westfield monstrosity. Plus I bet rent prices went way higher than was affordable for most shop-owners.

So anyway it’s great to see a new (relatively new?) cafe in that area.

They make almost all of the stuff they have for sale. It’s good quality and very good prices. Dave, the chef, is a really friendly bloke too.  I guess another thing I like too is that when we go in there on a Saturday lunchtime it’s fairly quiet. Good for me, not so good for the business. Although I’d like to think they are much busier on weekdays with the office crowds.


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Caution, Pinch Point


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Your Chance To Win!

I always tell myself Yeah Man time to get back with the regular blogging and make a post every day for a whole month! but it never happens. I guess at least keeping things from completely flat-lining is better than nothing.

loping around the court like a big baboon

I used to play Squash as a chitlin and it’s strange to think that it’s been well over 20 years since I played. Je wanted to play tennis. I said tennis is really hard, why not squash. This was about a month ago. I finally got corralled into going a doing it today. I thought the physical exertion would kill me but it wasn’t that bad at all. Why did Squash never take off in a big way? Is it because it’s played in a sterile little white box instead of the sexy great big outdoors? Is it because the damn ball doesn’t bounce. Who cares, right?

The one thing I did notice as having changed is that the racquet heads are way bigger.

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let there be!


I have to say for once here is a newer thing than the other things that doesn’t suck—and that’s great. Fluorescent tube light had been the bane of my recent life (at least while living in korea). Yes they are energy efficient but it’s a horrible glarey unrelaxing light and they were everywhere in korea: restaurants, homes, workplaces = everywhere.

So when I saw these energy-efficient, coiled fluorescent-style light bulbs in the supermarket I steered a wide berth, for a while at least. Then I thought, okay we’ll try the kitchen. Pretty soon they spread to everywhere in the house. It’s pretty cool that they can be only using 14watts but emitting the same amount of light as an old 60watt globe. And the best thing is it’s a warm white.

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Ow! My ankle!!!

I’ve been watching a bit of the world cup and I’m trying to get into it but the feigning injury in order to get a free kick thing is really laughable. Pathetic you might say. It’s the job of the coach & players to exploit rules as best they can, so really it’s the governing body’s fault for not changing the rule on tripping somehow.
I guess I should be barracking for s.korea since they stand half a chance of going into the finals but of the games I’ve seen the Ivory Coast team seemed the most impressive. They have a big tribal rhythms fan squad playing the whole time. I thought Nigeria would too but no.
Aussie Rules is still a far, far better display of athleticism.

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“We go where we choose”

I remember once going to the immigration museum in Melbourne and seeing this big walk-in diorama explaining the immigration journeys of different groups of people to come to Australia. And in a porthole window was a cat with the above inscription.

When Elon Musk finally starts sending spaceships to Mars a cat will slip onboard. The astronauts will eventually find it but they’ll keep it because the human loves the cat.

I has a cat.


She had actually been here all along. I remember in the first few days of being at this house, going into the backyard and seeing this cat sitting out there. I wagged my finger at it as if to say, no no no you can’t be here, because I really like the native birds too. Je eventually found out from the neighbours that they were kind of caretakers of the cat. It had been abandoned by someone and the neighbour was feeding it regularly but because they already had a cat (that lived inside their house) this cat always stayed outside.

One day Je decided she wanted to feed the cat and with a guilty expression brought home a packet of catfood from the supermarket. Anyway, long story short, we started feeding the cat (which the neighbour was fine with) and she has moved with us and is now named Charu. The quick adapting to being inside leads up to think she started off maybe as a christmas present and was ditched because someone moved or something like that. From what the neighbour told us, Charu was just past kittenhood when they started feeding her, so we’re guessing she’s about a year and a half old.

I am chief namer of all things in this house so I chose Charu. I thought she looked a bit like a bengal tiger (eventhough I later read that a cat that’s a mix of tabby and calico is called a calaby) and Charu is a bengali female name meaning beautiful.

I know that cats kill native wildlife. And I know that western domestic pets are part of our overconsumption and that they use more global resources than Africa. And I know that supermarket petfood is rubbish. But in the end we’re not robots and I’m not mr.spock.

Chara Charu Calaby

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The Four Of Us Are Dying

I haven’t been watching much old TV but one thing I have been going through from its very start is the original Twilight Zone TV series. It’s pretty damn impressive. The first season was waaaay back in 1959 and a lot of the story lines still stack up well. It’s far back enough that almost none of the actors in it cross over into other tv shows from the mid to late ‘60s that I’ve seen. The only exception so far was the episode title People Are Alike All Over that has an actress who later went on to also appear in the pilot for the original series or Star Trek. Funnily enough the pilot leaned heavily on the storyline of the Twilight Zone ep.

There’s been several episodes dealing with the Cold War that I would’ve thought would be too touchy to talk about then plus a bunch of plum science-fiction speculative ideas that were really impressive. The fifties really were a highpoint for SF in book form so it must’ve rolled on into other media too.


Maybe it’s partly the silver-screen effect but the women seemed really beautiful then too. Interesting hairstyles or whatever. I dunno. The above image was schlepped from the TZ wikia site and is from the episode titled ‘What You Need’. I could’ve hunted it down myself but that would mean turning on the other computer.

The title of this here blog post is actually the name of one of the episodes which was also used by the band Nine Inch Nails as a song title 48 years later. To me that’s a great example of how edgy the Twilight Zone was for a TV show. And as such it was stuffed away in the Friday night 10 to 10:30pm timeslot. Wouldn’t want anyone actually seeing it now would we?

That particular episode contained lashings of noir/Hitchcock style lop-sided frame shots and as it happens is available to view on yootoob.

In some ways a good comparison is the X-Files except the Twilight Zone probably had a lot less budget and crammed all its goodness into half an hour. In fact it seems like Rod Serling did a lot of the sourcing, adapting and writing for the first season himself. So the next time I hear The Simpsons or something parodying his quirky narration style I’ll have a better appreciation for how ahead of its time the Twilight Zone was.


In hindsight The Black Keys don’t need me promoting their new album. Mainstream media seems to be doing a fine job of that thankyou. After a few listens I’m kind of underwhelmed by it too. I should qualify that by saying that I didn’t really like their album before that either. I mean, it was okay but not as good as their early stuff. I know there’s only so many places you can go when you just got a guitar and drums, and that was always the thing about the earlier albums; as good as they were, I could only listen to an album and a half before the structures were all too samey. I was listening to the Turn Blue album while washing the dishes and in that dumb way that iTunes does, it started playing the next thing straight after. The next thing was the El Camino album and I tell ya I didn’t know it. ie there’s no difference in the sound of the two albums.

With Turn Blue, some of the production aspects (that this chap danger mouse contributed) sound tacked on. Also as a wannabee bass player the bass sound they used on several tracks sounds really unenthusiastic. And lyrically it’s heavily influenced by Dan’s relationship break-up with some famous woman. Jilted/love songs will always be popular but a little hard for me to relate to in this part of my life.

But I’ll be constructive. So what could have they done? Five or whatever albums of good, raw guitar & drums -> it’s obvious that they had to broaden their sound somehow. I think I would’ve tried some sort of non crowd-pleasing, long concept album. They’ve earned enough money/fame to do something really nutty so why not go for it? For posterity’s sake I’ll include this pic of Dan _Uber_gene unintentionally (0((()(??????)())))) getting his Hitler on. This could’ve been the look that tipped them in a whole new musical direction.

Dan UBERbach

Surely I must be somebody else you’ve known

Well here we are—40 today. Firty. Of the generalisations I’ve heard other people say the only one I can really relate to is that I don’t feel much different to when I was 30 or 20. As for ‘life starts at 40’ I don’t get that at all. Maybe that was for people who had kids when they were 20. I’m feeling more and more mortal with each passing year. My metabolism is slowing down and during the last year and a bit have started to develop tinnitus. Just mildly for a while but in the last month or two it gets a fair bit louder in late afternoon/evening. The annoying thing is that I thought was something that happened to people who listened to too much really loud music, or hitting crash symbols, or operating industrial machinery. I’ve been careful my whole ferty years to avoid those things and dang it I still get tinnitus. It makes me want to fug it all and just go join a heavy sludge rock band.

About two of the last four nights I’ve dreamt of bass guitar and it makes me think I should start playing it again instead of faffing around with normal 6 string guitars. I just like buying things.

I still even have a bass. The one I first got when I started getting paid in my first year or korea. It’s pretty good quality but I’ve never liked the look of it plus it’s the jazz-bass configuration and I prefer P-bass. I foolishly didn’t slacken the strings on any of the guitars for the trip back (plus the year they sat unused last year) so the neck on the the bass is a bit bowed. Adjusting the nut doesn’t seem to help. I am considering applying greater pressure to it. The top of the guitar is spalted burl. I’ve had the guitar nearly 10 years and I just looked up what spalted burl is. It’s the knotty bit on a tree trunk. I never liked the look of it and I still don’t but at least I now have a bit more respect for what it is.

suburban esquimauxz

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When in Rome all roads lead to Rome

My solo driving phase officially began today. After one failed attempt at getting the license 3 weeks ago, I got it last Thursday. We did some sunday-driving to a place where I once resided—Anglesea. Actually that’s where I first started this here blog, or to be completely accurate, blogging in one form or another. There’s no record of it so you’re going to have to take my word for it, but my earliest bloggin’ memory was of bloggin’ the day after the planes flew into the WTC + pentagon. I don’t know if it was even called blogging back then. Sadly those files, and maybe even files for a year or more after that got deleted at some point – but whatever. If they turn off the electricity it’s all going to disappear.

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I can’t believe reddit dogecoin crowdfunded a NASCAR at the Talladega speedway

Surely it must have cost a lot of money to do that. Where did they get all that money. They put a big “D” over it but there it is – the ‘doge’ internet meme, racing around the 33° banking of Alabama’s Talladega speedway in front of all those redneck NASCAR fans. They probably wondered what the heck is wrong with the world – what is NASCAR turning into. I have to admit, the older I get, the more baffling these internet memes seem to be.

The Fox Sports commentator even spoke about it. But he pronounced it “Doe-sh” as in doe – a deer a female deer. and the ‘g’ was pronounced super-soft kind of like how the French sometimes pronounce it. The only example I can think of is the French-Canadian racecar driver, Gilles Villeneuve—that G.

I always thought it was pronounced ‘doggy’ with the ‘o’ being more of a long oo sound like in the chess piece, rook. And then the ‘y’ ee sound being more of an ehh.

I note that the Fox TV cameras did their best not to show the Dogecar even when it was at the front of a pack.

I always make a point of watching the Talladega race because it is what is known as a ‘restrictor-plate race’ where—get this—all the cars are limited to the same top speed. I don’t know if I’ve blogged about this already, or just had a conversation in my head where I thought out a whole blog post about it but then not done it. I seem to do that a lot lately.

Anyway, you got to love the contradiction of having a car race, where the intention is that the fastest car wins, and then make it so all the cars go the same speed. It makes it so that the race (this one, Talladega, the track is co-incidentally shaped like a big D) look a lot like heavy traffic on a freeway. The highlight is when there is a pile-up and a whole bunch of cars slide up the wall together and eventually come to a stop at the bottom—much like what happens on a freeway when there’s ice or heavy fog.


For me at least The Black Keys have really nailed the the promotional/retail stuff. They’ve been lightly spamming the twitter feed for a couple of weeks now, giving a little taster of their next album, Turn Blue. The first single, Fever is kind of okay but the second one really sounds really good. They were linking to the iTunes pre-order of the album but fuck that with the iTunes fatcat tax. The album is available on The Black Keys’ own website – and at usd $11 that’s value. They don’t mention (and they should) but it’s mp3 format and thankfully at 320kbps.

Dan Aubergine has great taste in guitars and he needs more, so buy album!

This is the second single:

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