war pigs

Have been using the apple music streaming service for 6 or seven months now. Only because telstra (_smelstra_) give a six month membership with the year phone contract. It’s my duty to listen to as many different things as I can until it runs out then I’ll go back to all the stuff I own.

Listened to the first three Black Sabbath albums on the daily commute. Knew alot of that stuff from best of albums – but it’s always better to hear the hits in context with the rest of the stuff they were created with. First album has some very prominent bass. Second and third less so but great riffs. On the whole, an under-rated band I would say. The way Ozzy hits his lines just off the beat is pretty unique. Contrast the song Electric Funeral from the second album, Paranoid. On this one song he does hit the lines right on the ‘one’—listening to it yesterday morning, immediately thought of Orb, the Geelong band.

Only the non-power chord rock hasn’t stood up to time as well.

And because the greatest farce in modern history is just about to fly into Victoria:

It was so hot in my car on the drive home this arvo that I had to turn on the air conditioner. I am a cheap man and the geniuses who built some cars invented a thing called climate control where if the fan is on but the A/C is not, then it’s blowing hot or warm air. A/C uses petrol and I don’t like using petrol but I don’t want to get dizzy and crash off the road either.


I am getting pretty familiar with the Playschool 50 in 50. In fact I can’t remember the last time I hammered an album like this. At the moment my favourites are: The Grand Old Duke Of York because it’s got a bit of story to it, I’m A Train -> It’s about a train working hard all its life then going off to the breaker’s yard. And whoever the woman is singing Little Shell has a great voice.

lions & tigers

Well that resolution didn’t last long. In any case I have been meaning to note that it is interesting, surprising, disappointing, predictable (understandable?) that so many of the baby books and toys I am coming in contact with are exotic animal based. Animals are great of course but how about some Australian animals? I know these things stand a better chance of being successful if they can be sold all around the world but let’s mix it up a bit. Throw in a llama, a bison, a yak, a vole and a kangaroo.


I was tooling through Aldi yesterday and came across this:


For a moment I thought it was the actual set but realised it is a book with a picture of the old Lego spaceship set—which I had when I was a kid. I remember it being quite hard to put together and mum helping me.

Oh the grand old Duke of York

Blogging is about the only thing that falls into the Yes I’ll try a New Year’s resolution on that. Everything else is either If I really want to change I should start right now, or This will never change so I’m not even going to think about it.

The main class I was teaching last semester was in the 18 to early twenties category. I actually had to explain to them what a blog was—that’s how dead blogging is today in the way it was originally defined.

I have changed webhosts recently. Said guh-bye to bluehost. While I could not really complain about their uptime, the pricing had become ridiculous and they kept sending me spam-like marketing email which I could not ignore unless there was something important sent in relation to hosting of the site. So a big middle finger and good riddance to bluehost. I am now on SiteGround, which so far seems fine.

So here’s to bloggin’ everyday for the next 364 days.

Pine tree pt. 2

Check out my boy: he’s a model now.

And for perpetuity:


Okay so like most people I was a bit shocked and disappointed by the result of the recent US election. Much has already been written on why it happened but the one thing I will bother saying is that if the Democratic National Congress had adhered to the democratic part and elected Sanders as their candidate instead of installing Clinton they might’ve won.

This popped up recently and although there’s some odd holes in what it looks at, there’s a bit on the history of Trump. Hypernormalisation:

For a week or so I was trying to be optimistic, thinking that the sane yet still conservative majority of the GOP would steer Trump away from some of the more ridiculous ideas he’s mentioned but he may well be putting together a proper nazi cabinet.

Perhaps this will trigger a new wave of angry, energetic Punk.

Jello Biafra and D.O. A

Driver think rider, rider think driver

Sometimes when I am doing my commute I imagine being pulled over by and undercover cop car. And they say to me, we just stopped you to say Congratulations, you get out driver of the month award. Not only are you following all the road rules but you’re doing it in such a stylish way.

The car that I drive now is just not conducive to speeding. In fact it likes to travel at 10kph under the limit. I already mentioned that the heater/fan system has a mind of it’s own—more accurately it likes blowing a hot wind. I am too cheap to use the a/c. It doesn’t seem to work that well anyway. So I turn the fan on and set it for it’s coolest setting, 18 degrees. It’s not 18 and it’s not even outside air temperature. It feels like it takes normal outside air and then runs it through the engine so it’s nice and hot. So far I’m dealing with it. As the BOM said yesterday—this is the longest break between days with 30 degrees we’ve had since 2003.

outside there’s a boxcar waiting

Due to the longer travel for work I got another car.


Kids seem to like it. I was driving slowly out of a carpark and I saw some kid yelling boxcar! boxcar! at me. I like it too – it’s a bit Tardis-like in that it’s relatively smallish on the outside but roomy inside. It’s older and less fuel-efficient that the other car. It seems to have a mind of its own as to weather it wants to give me heating or fan air.

Also my son, Baby-G, turns 12 weeks old on Monday. It’s pretty cool seeing him become gradually more cognisant. Every day brings something new. A few weeks back he’d do this pose pretty regularly when we put him down to play. He’s not really doing it now (always changing)  and I have no idea why he did, but it reminded me a bit of how I see the constellation Orion in the sky. From what I’ve seen in docos I see it differently to the normal way but to me it looks like he (Orion and baby) are bending back a bow and about to ping off an arrow. G is absolutely gorgeous and at the last official measurement was in the 98th percentile for length.


in other news

I am now a father.

the baby

Of course these photos only show some of the golden moments and not the other 95% of each 24hrs that are difficult and stressful. But it’s definitely not ho-hum—not just a variation on something else I’ve done before. This is all new. Here, he shall be known as Baby G.

minor note on driving cars

One of us (it wasn’t me) had the tiniest of bingles last week. It left no mark of consequence on out car but another car got a scratch so an insurance claim had to be made. And so for a few days while our car is in the smash repair place I have been driving a rented corolla toyota, which is much more plush than what I am used to. The one thing I do like is that it is quieter inside the cabin. That’s good for listening to music but can make those awkward silences more pronounced if you’re giving someone a lift and don’t know what to talk about. I actually prefer that I can feel what the smaller engine is doing in my crude little micra.