The beginning of the beginning…

of live-in testing and alterations.
The main reason why I’ve swapped over to the pivot system is that it’s easily changable – most of this – the index/log page is in HTML - as opposed to YaWPS which was all confusing and perl.
What you see is the plain vanilla set up look that comes with the package. (I’d put in a link to where you can get it – but there’s one right there—> where it says pivot and a whole bunch of dutch.)
I’m almost tempted to stay with this layout – one thing I’ve come to realise is that I don’t have any sense of “taste” or cool when it comes to putting together layouts and choosing colours. I look at other people’s and I think, `yeah, that’s all right’ – but I can’t get comfortable with what works for me.
I was muckin around most of yesterday on that – and then I get frustrated and think – `what the hell’s the layout got to do with it anyway – isn’t it about the content?’

Also, am converting most of the entries form the old set up – over to here somehow – is a pain in the arse. I really hope I can be satisfied with the pivot set up becau

I been safarian’ since before you were born

I’m not pooh-pooh-ing, honest. I like there being a new browser on the scene Safari – that is.
Speaking of browsers, I don’t know if it’s just me but Opera seems to have stopped advertising in its rectangle up the top of the adware version. I’ve been conscious of it for the last week but it may have been like that for two or three. It’d be a bit odd if they shut them down over the holiday period. Even the opera promotional cartoons have stopped. And it’s not just this one I’m using here in mandrake.
I stuck a newly downloaded copy on a different partition today and it’s the same.

Yes – I’ve been muckin’ around with Lycoris. In a nutshell, I like it — but a proper write up tomorrow.

In non-computer related news, all of a sudden today i notice the gap between my top two front-middle teeth feels wider. It was miniscule to begin with but today it feels just a smidgin less miniscule. What’s with that? Why do teeth move around of their own accord?

I think I’m about to introduce some categories to this thing. (but musings about teeth won’t be one of them.)

name: Quanta
date: 2003-01-09-13-42
I think you have the T-Virus…

/me just finshed watching resident evil.

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name: crisp
date: 2003-01-09-19-25
about that gap between your teeth….madonna has one and its “in” to have a gap there now….just be happy you dont have an increasing gap somewhere else eg between your toes…or butt cheeks…now that would be freaky.

hey i like the new site style by the way 🙂
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-01-09-22-16
ha ha ha. Thanks Crisp. :^)
Yeah – there’s a French Canadian race car driver who has one too. (I love those french canadians – all the shrugging and arm movement.)
It’s not visible though. y’know how the smallest change in your mouth can feel like a huge difference to your tongue…

Quanta, is this T-viris a good thing? The kind of thing that can ‘help me win friends and influence people’?
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name: Quanta
date: 2003-01-09-22-29

No, you will need some thick book with chapters titled “Drugs and Them: For best effect.” or maybe “From their Mouth to the stomach, the cheats guide.”