Well I made it

To the end of my first week at uni that is. Only musddle up being getting the wrong room number for one lecture (and being 20 mins late).

Psychology seems pretty good. The tests are really well written – very clear and nice to look at. They know what user-friendliness is all about – then again – I s’pose it was some strain of psychology that invented user-friendliness. Alot of the resuorces are electronic too, makes it easier when it’s all broken into diff. mediums I reckon. sadly – it’s all MS based.

And During the last partition reshuffle here on JuggernautI lost woodnose95 – and it seems that it’s impossible to get it back on without reformatting the whole 40 gigs,

which is a no-go. So it seems I’ll be doing all of my e-learning on the Li’l Lugger. Luck I still have it.

Communications looks like it’ll be interesting, a bit more academic than psychol. but inneresting none the less.

Thos two subjects are 1st year – so the lecturererers have been kinda gentle on us, but the other two – Social Theory and ‘The End Of The World As We Know It’ (or, as I’m refering to it TEOTWAWKI) are 2nd year, so it’s been straight into it. But the TEO…etc. (also known as politics) is right up my alley – the readings are easy to grasp.

Dunno about social theory – the stuff reading for it is pretty freakin heavy academic-wise …. If there was a way I could drop down to 3 subjects and still be classified as full-time – then soc theory would be out the window.


Heard today that DingoBlue – the ISP is goin under. Bit of a shame – I was really pushing for us here to connect to them – they seemed to have a good offer going and I’d heard good things about their service.

As it stands, we are leaving Smelstra Bigpoo at the next anniversary date (the 22nd) and are gonna change to TPG. Their price is okay – and they are unlimited time/data (for dial up this is) but I’ve heard nothing of what they’re like. The only thing I remember reading about them is that the service was originally started by ASIO/Pine Gap — which just can’t be good. Any way – it’s a three

month contract – after that will decide whether or not to stay.


Off to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in concert tomorrow night. I hope it will be good. My track record of seeing music I really like in a live setting hasn’t been fantastic. And I hope I don’t get squashed or nothing.

Feelin a bit beat

[post-edit] – This was written yesterday, but could not be posted due to the dr servers being stuffed

I tells ya – this is big adjustment for me. Going From a working at home enviro — to ridgey-didge full-time university. Getting up before one’s body/head is ready is truly an appalling thing — well at least it is until coffee has been consumed.

Oh Why? Why do I be such a zombie pre-coffee + shower?

Had Psychology lecture this morning. Went okay. Lectures are a new thing for me – we never had them at Tafe.

Then a ‘get to know the campus computers’ session. They’re all using Woodnose 2000pro. Pretty shocking being in that environment though – wall to wall CRTs and they’re going in all directions. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck jitter-buggin’ ….. not to mention (UG) alway the flourescent lights. Don’t think I’ll be spending much time in there if I can help it.

Are Surnames Dead?

This is what I’ve been thinkin’ lately. They were orignally formed by people as a way of

differentiating between people with the same first name.

“what? Gary’s wife is pregnant again!?”

“No! not that Gary, Gary – Will’s son Gary” = Wilson – etc.

I really like figuring out how surnames came about….

But today even a first, second and surname combination isn’t good enough for ‘The Man’.

Now We all have to have digits and more digits to identify who we are. so why bother with this surname sham, this illusion that we are human, that our herritage means anything at all to that stranger standing next to you at the pedestrian crossing.

These people who insist that it’s a breach of civil liberty to impose a National ID card and number on us masses are just delaying the inevitable.

In fact, why not start now – You – Yes You, take the initiative! Hop on down to your local depol office and trade in that cliched old hack of a surname for nine Gleaming digits of your choice!

Or if your not quite ready to go the whole hog, then how about just changing it to ‘Surname’.

In Other (More Cheery) News

Gene, my partner, has ordered herself an iMac! This is almost as good as me getting one Myself.

I will be able to look at it and correctly evaluate the worth of the OS X operating system.

It’s the href=”http://store.apple.com/133-622/WebObjects/australiastore.woa/821/wo/wrkiS0vWQgKYiahOB6/,8”>

Indigo G3 variety, which of course isn’t the absolute heighteth of fashion, but it’s still good eh? In fact, some of the collumnists have been calling it, “so 1990s”. But I disagree.

It took a bit of digging round the website, but we verified that it does come with 10.1, which is fine. The funny thing is that she probably would’ve got the next model up (Graphite with CDRW) but for the fact that it was “a yuk colour”.

Many many time in the last year or two she’s said that she was going to get one, and the yakster would get excited about this, and then Gene would change her mind … so every time she’s mentioned the idea in the last couple of months, I’ve just stayed cool and said, “uh huh, good for you :^)”. But this time there’s a reciept.

It gets here in about a week.

Only got 4.5 hrs sleep.

Last night – partly because I was watching saturday night fever on the telly, and it didn’t

start til late so it didn’t finish til later, and I had a couple of cups of tea to keep me going — but ended up going too long.

Maybe am a little anxious too. Starting Uni tomorrow morning, – psychology lecture. Don’t know esactly what to expect.

Last week I got about half of all the text books recommended, which hopefully should do; they’re damn expensive. At the moment it looks like I’ll have to go in there on four out of five weekdays, but hopefully can cut it down to 3.

I s’pose I’m kind of anxious because I think that maybe this time i’ve bit more than i can chew – compared to Tafe that is. Just have to wait and see. The fear of the unknown.


So, while I was away, or in journalling limbo that is, I was attempting to set up the Juggernaut’s graphics to use OpenGL drivers, so that I could play the game Tux Racer. (See tuxracer.com.) Was making good progress on finding the drivers, but it seemed to screw up somewhere and wouldn’t start X. Luckily I was able to unistall the offending packages and restore X.

However I still wasn’t satisfied, and – I think (it’s all fuzzy in head now) – installed Mandrake over where Woodnose95 was, thinkiing that that might have more luck with OpenGL. But Lilo stuffed up, and I wasn’t able to get into RedHat again, even with the boot floppy.

I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I sabotage myself. It’s like everything is running smmothly, and part of my head thinks too smoothly, and I mess with the configuration until the whole thing sinks. Terrible timing considering uni is just about to start.

Anyway, I was able to mount the RH partition from in Mandrake, and get at me files and move them around, but I lost things like all theset up; having the desktop just how I like it, and all the bookmarks I’d accumulated in Opera, and several hundred megs worth of updated pakages from Red Hat Network. And then on the transfer from Mandrake back to the reinstalled RH, I forgot to grab all me TTFs – 600 or more I think, schnaffled from all types of hard-to-get-back-to places.

At the moment at least I’m still mounting the little partitiion where Mdk is, so technically (i think) they should still be there, but I can’t find where. One little Lining to this particular Pickle is that I realised that they aren’t as important as I thought. Have got anti-aliasing turned on in Kde, and the comparative few typefaces it comes with see to suffice for web-browsing etc. The problems only crop up when using non-kde apps like Mozilla, or abiword.

One mistake I’m really gonna try to learn from this time is not to install Ximian on here. That always seems to be the beginning of things screwing up.

Another thing I was able to do was to chop down the partition that RH is on, so it’s using about 15gig, and there’s another 18 gigs spare, so that if something interesting comes along, like Free BSD, then I’ve got somewhere to stick it.

The melbourne grand prix is on today, which is, as zombiefied yak, something that I will be able to do.

Out of Limbo!

Wowey – that was the weirdness from hell.

I don’t know what happened really. Something disappeared or messed up. I had this one file that was just a blank ‘

.php’ and couldn’t get rid of it. Anyhoo, since then have had OS probs – and ended up dumping red hat – going to mandrake for a week – then – now back to red hat – and GFTP - the ftp program seems different, and was able to delete that mystery file.

I don’t know if that was causing the problem.

anyway, nice to be back in the thick of it.

May try to restore all the other log entries before anything else.

automagic eh?

Slowly fumbling around this set up. They say it doesn’t work when using Opera – partly it doesn’t but my mozilla fonts look all crap at the moment – something to do with all the upgrading I think.

In other news, Hooray! – I finally go update with all the Red Hat updates. It wouldn’t have happened unless I’d been way for two weeks, not using the Meg.s I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay up to date only time will tell.

Ocean’s eleven

(Warning: Possible plot spoilage happening here.)

The other day I found out that the movie they’re advertising by this name is a

remake. Found out because one of the tv stations showed the original. This

itself was odd. Maybe because it’s non-ratings season, (and of course because

it’s been dragged up by Hollyweird again) but rare are the times that they put a

1960 movie on at 8:30pm.

Read on…

I wish they’d do it more often. Generally, old movies are easier to watch, the violence, if there is any is much lighter and the whole thing goes slower

therefore easier to understand. They’re funny in their antiquatedness and also

interesting from that angle.

I haven’t seen this new version so I don’t know how closely they followed the

plotline of the original. It had an unexpectedly quirky ending; the heroes

didn’t get their money.

To me this oldie highlighted how the values of Hollyweird have changed. Of

course, even Hollyweird has bosses they answer to – but it’s the directors,

stylists, and casting agents who tell us what we want. It’s not `give the

audience what they want’, it’s `We’ll give the audience what we want’.

The original starred (Mr.) Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., another

guy who looked familiar but who I couldn’t put a name to (the guy who croaked

it) and another guy who looked oddly similar to Biily Crystal! Hahah

Now let’s compare this to Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts … (I don’t

know who the hell the rest of them are).

But my point is that Now – there is less emphasis on talent and more on looks.

Put aside the question, `Can any of them act?’ – because I can’t answer it.

What is good acting? I don’t know… I feel like all this watching of

Hollyweird’s output has completely blunted any sense I had of what good acting


Acting as a creative endevour is right up the other end from where I am. it’s

alien to me — there’s no way I could ever do it. i should ask my sister if she

can tell good from bad – she’s into drama.

Ah – hang it – I’ll have a go anyway – Franky S. can’t act. -1960 he looked

quite young – it took me a while to catch on that it was actually him, and he

didn’t do any singin. I don’t think Sammy Davis is much of an actor either, but

then, he’s got a brilliant singin voice, and they gave him a bit of a run in

that area.

Dean Martin is probably the only one of them all who’d cut it in today’s

Hollyweird. This is because he fits into the “Dreamboat” catagory. (I

say this as a happily hetro fella, but who can openly recognise a handsome man

when he sees one.) Martin can also sing – and got to, incedentally, they also

gave him a lot of the funny lines too, so his character really shined.

This is what I’m saying – talent like singing ability these days is worth little

compared to looks — or so say the powers that be in Hollyweird.

Of the 3 modern day actors that I know of in the remake – I don’t think any can

act — Clooney should stay on tv, Pitt gets roles based on spunk-ability (and

the crowd that’ll pull (this brings up the question of beauty: do we know what

we like, or are we conditioned through mass-media to like what we know — I’ll

leave this for another time) (although I did like Pitt in Johnny Suede) and

Julia Roberts, from all appearances, seems like a lovely person, but I don’t

think she can act either, and is starting to go the way of the `Jack Nicholson’

figure – where the actor shows up to any sort of movie and plays themselves

rather than a specific role.

So what actors do I like? I s’pose I make my judgements based on what type of

roles they take, and how well they fit the roles. Keven Spacey is good, John

Malkovich, Judy Davis, Samuel L Jackson… I can’t think of many right now.

If I was an actor I don’t think I’d be satisfied with taking a role in a remake

of essentially what was a dud movie to begin with.


They always do that. Haven’t you ever noticed whenever a supposed new Holywood “blockbuster” comes

out, the Saturday/Sunday night movie turns into a) the latest “hit” movie one of the stars (or preferably) both were in,

or b) in the case of remakes, show the old movie.

Pushes up ratings 🙂

“Hey, that guy thats in that new movie is going to be on tonight.” – Famous last free-thinking words

phony bolognese – 02.03.02, 09:20

The beginning of the beginning…

of live-in testing and alterations.

The main reason why I’ve swapped over to the pivot system is that it’s easily changable – most of this – the index/log page is in HTML - as opposed to YaWPS which was all confusing and perl.

What you see is the plain vanilla set up look that comes with the package. (I’d put in a link to where you can get it – but there’s one right there—> where it says pivot and a whole bunch of dutch.)

I’m almost tempted to stay with this layout – one thing I’ve come to realise is that I don’t have any sense of “taste” or cool when it comes to putting together layouts and choosing colours. I look at other people’s and I think, `yeah, that’s all right’ – but I can’t get comfortable with what works for me.

I was muckin around most of yesterday on that – and then I get frustrated and think – `what the hell’s the layout got to do with it anyway – isn’t it about the content?’

Also, am converting most of the entries form the old set up – over to here somehow – is a pain in the arse. I really hope I can be satisfied with the pivot set up becau