This is a log of my thoughts and notes on GTA V as I play through it. Since it is very new there are at present no help pages on the net


*The Music*

– Preface. GTA IV was the first game I played and so many aspects of it were fresh and new. In the subjective likes stakes it gets a helping hand from this.

– Briefly. The music choices in V were pretty underwhelming. Disappointing.


1. I know music licensing costs a lot. But Rockstar and Take Two _make a lot_ from the GTA series.

More to the point, high-profile music isn’t really what is needed to fix the problem. Just more _interesting_ music. I am by no means a music expert but there was little on the V radio stations that was new to me.

I’m just surprised that even a game like Sleeping Dogs that had numerous problems in production and a budget that was a fraction of R*’s was able to do a better job with their music selection.

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