locks knobs n knockers

It may be subjective but this season’s BBL has been arse. So many games have been fizzers. And then there’s the weather…

This tiresome global warming is getting in the way of my vegetative sport-spectating. If it’s not burning it’s raining. I seem to recall 5 or so years ago when I first came across the BBL (and T20 in general) that one of the features it exhibited that cricket was not dead, was that they kept playing through the rain.


Okay so here we are in the year 2020 and on Jan 19 my new year’s resolution is to get my blog on everyday. In late Dec the rent was due for the Sunnybreaks and I had decided to either take it down or get the bulk discount rate by renewing the webspace for 3 years instead of one. I left if too late and it auto-renewed on the oh-so expensive yearly rate, so as it is even if I do write here every day it’ll be costing 50 cents a go. Ouch!

those _were_ the droids we were looking for

I made a mistake of showing my (at the time) 2y 7m old son a clip or two of star wars — the first movie. He was obviously much too young for it but it didn’t occur to me until he freaked out a little bit at the lasers shooting and the sight of darth vader.

And I was reminded that literally the second or third shot is kind of confusing. It’s when the rebel troops are in the hallway taking positions and preparing to be boarded. It goes to a close up of one not-that-young-looking guy with greyish sideburns who happens (IMO) to look a little bit like han solo (harrison ford).

Several times over the years I can remember thinking Is this guy important in some way? Is that Han Solo’s brother?

The genie’s out of the bottle now and the boy is fascinated with star wars — why does one person always want to capture the others? Are the Jawas goodies or baddies? I say they’re just business people trying to do business.

I can’t show any more vision for a couple of years at least so star wars has become an oral history project.

the lego movie 2

Since December I’ve been playing with and collecting Lego with my son. It’s been fun to get back into since being too cool for it at age 12 or whatever.

How has Lego changed? THey have more colours. The edges are sharper. It’s more intricate.

The notion of having Lego movies with vehicles or buildings in them that you can then buy as toys is dastardly, especially so when the stories are good — which The Lego Movie 1 & 2 are (Ninjago, Batman not so much).

If it hasn’t been done already then TLM2 is ripe for a Jungian analysis due to the hero meeting his future [time travel involved, making things more complicated] shadow-self.

It’s a very dense movie and has things happening on different levels. I’ll have to hit up Robert A. Johnson’s Owning Your Own Shadow before I can get my head around the appearance of Rex Dangervest properly. No doubt I’ll watch the film dozens more times thanks to my son.


_Edit_: Five months later. I finished the game. The story was weak and the characters not that good. The map was pretty fantastic but a map does not a game make. RDRO is a disaster.

I wanted to start gathering my thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m at about 66% through the game and haven’t finished the main story.

Technically, there was a big bug early in the game where several of the main gang characters were AWOL from camp. They give out side quests in the form of favours. I missed several of those and thus have missed a trophy which I’ll have to start a second game for. Of course I would have played through a second time but that’s beside the point. It’s a pretty big bug for a Rockstar game.

Maybe it’s a bit premature to be talking about the story but I find it a bit lacking. Arthur, the main character, is a bit bland. There’s not much backstory time given to him. He is the main hero or anti-hero depending on how you play but I feel like I’ve learnt very little of how he got to the point of being in this gang, being an outlaw. The dynamics of the different characters in the gang are interesting and take up a chunk of the narrative space in the story but it shouldn’t take away from that bonding that should be happening between the player and the main protagonist. After all, we want the player to care about Arthur, right?

Arthur is up against it because, we the players who know the series and have played and loved the last Red Dead know Dutch and we definitely know this young whippersnapper, John Marston. (As an aside, the voice-acting for Arthur has grown on me slowly but the guys that do Dutch and John have more colour.) The honour missions and the whole huge load of random encounters would have been the places where Arthur’s backstory could’ve been explored.

why did I ever hitch my wagon to flickr?

And so I find myself in a bit of a bind in that I now realise that Flickr is going mealy-mouthed next Jan. It’d always been a slow slide downhill when Yahoo had it. Nearly every change they made was bad. I always hoped google would buy it off them because it seemed like it’d be more viable.

The new owners of Flickr are not going to stick by the 1Tb free thing Yahoo had going. If a person, ie. me, wants to keep a free account it’s limited to 1000 photos. I have 17000 photos on there! They will start deleting photos in Jan. For all the private happy snaps of inconsequential moments, I can download them. But the real problem is that for years I have been posting fotos on this here Sunny Breaks with the image being drawn from Flickr. There must be hundreds and hundreds and they’re all going to go dead.

You could argue that it shouldn’t mean much to me given that I blog less than 12 times a year these days but it still matters. Keeping a blog running long term takes work.

time slip

Whoops! There goes a couple more months! 

This is how life is with a 2.25 year old I suppose.

It’s amazing the advances they’re making with light bulbs these days. I really liked the warm white squiggly flouro bulbs because they use so much less juice. But then they made bulbs that don’t even have to be squiggly no more, plus they shine up straight away. Also there’s these old-timey industrial looking ones that are also low voltage and very nice warm gold yellow look. Not great for reading but that’s okay. And now I just bought a couple of LED bulbs that simulate fire. Five watts, flickery. Amazing.

I think my son is planning to kill me and make love to my wife.

semi nomad

A month ago I made the 25th change of abode in this 44 years of being alive. It’s too many! I am thoroughly sick of it. I sometimes wonder if the regular moving around I did while childhood had a lasting effect that I continued without thinking about. Granted, the situations/circumstances are different. I’ve been a renter too long.

This move was notable in that I was very conscious (after the fact, sadly — lease signed, no way to back out) that we’d gone from a relatively nice place to a place that’s significantly worse.

I don’t want to dwell on the negative tonight so – looking back: the old house.

big north-facing windows

Making use of the sun for warming a house seems like common sense but so few older houses do it. Getting lower winter sun was fantastic. 

It was maybe a 1960s house that someone had put some money and intelligence into renovating in recent years. Rented for a year or so before we got to it then us there for a year, now the owner (a developer) is going to demolish it to build two shitty units on the block. This makes no sense. 


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These are my superballs. I say I bought them for the boy but I play with them much more than him. I like the dull coloured one with an eye painted on it. It’s the magic eyeball. It glows in the dark and of the four it has the best balance between hard and soft. The finish is kind of rough or matte.

At the soft end is the red one. It’s slightly larger than the eyeball. Unfortunately both red and eyeball have sustained bitemarks from the boy. In the red ball’s case I feel like the nicks in it effect its bouncing. The red ball is the bounciest and if I put a bit of spin on it, red is the spinniest.

The yellow and the black & pink have a glossy finish which makes them harder and less bouncy. This can be a good thing at times but generally I prefer the more bouncy superballs.