locks knobs n knockers

It may be subjective but this season’s BBL has been arse. So many games have been fizzers. And then there’s the weather…

This tiresome global warming is getting in the way of my vegetative sport-spectating. If it’s not burning it’s raining. I seem to recall 5 or so years ago when I first came across the BBL (and T20 in general) that one of the features it exhibited that cricket was not dead, was that they kept playing through the rain.


Okay so here we are in the year 2020 and on Jan 19 my new year’s resolution is to get my blog on everyday. In late Dec the rent was due for the Sunnybreaks and I had decided to either take it down or get the bulk discount rate by renewing the webspace for 3 years instead of one. I left if too late and it auto-renewed on the oh-so expensive yearly rate, so as it is even if I do write here every day it’ll be costing 50 cents a go. Ouch!