those _were_ the droids we were looking for

I made a mistake of showing my (at the time) 2y 7m old son a clip or two of star wars — the first movie. He was obviously much too young for it but it didn’t occur to me until he freaked out a little bit at the lasers shooting and the sight of darth vader.

And I was reminded that literally the second or third shot is kind of confusing. It’s when the rebel troops are in the hallway taking positions and preparing to be boarded. It goes to a close up of one not-that-young-looking guy with greyish sideburns who happens (IMO) to look a little bit like han solo (harrison ford).

Several times over the years I can remember thinking Is this guy important in some way? Is that Han Solo’s brother?

The genie’s out of the bottle now and the boy is fascinated with star wars — why does one person always want to capture the others? Are the Jawas goodies or baddies? I say they’re just business people trying to do business.

I can’t show any more vision for a couple of years at least so star wars has become an oral history project.