the lego movie 2

Since December I’ve been playing with and collecting Lego with my son. It’s been fun to get back into since being too cool for it at age 12 or whatever.

How has Lego changed? THey have more colours. The edges are sharper. It’s more intricate.

The notion of having Lego movies with vehicles or buildings in them that you can then buy as toys is dastardly, especially so when the stories are good — which The Lego Movie 1 & 2 are (Ninjago, Batman not so much).

If it hasn’t been done already then TLM2 is ripe for a Jungian analysis due to the hero meeting his future [time travel involved, making things more complicated] shadow-self.

It’s a very dense movie and has things happening on different levels. I’ll have to hit up Robert A. Johnson’s Owning Your Own Shadow before I can get my head around the appearance of Rex Dangervest properly. No doubt I’ll watch the film dozens more times thanks to my son.