why did I ever hitch my wagon to flickr?

And so I find myself in a bit of a bind in that I now realise that Flickr is going mealy-mouthed next Jan. It’d always been a slow slide downhill when Yahoo had it. Nearly every change they made was bad. I always hoped google would buy it off them because it seemed like it’d be more viable.

The new owners of Flickr are not going to stick by the 1Tb free thing Yahoo had going. If a person, ie. me, wants to keep a free account it’s limited to 1000 photos. I have 17000 photos on there! They will start deleting photos in Jan. For all the private happy snaps of inconsequential moments, I can download them. But the real problem is that for years I have been posting fotos on this here Sunny Breaks with the image being drawn from Flickr. There must be hundreds and hundreds and they’re all going to go dead.

You could argue that it shouldn’t mean much to me given that I blog less than 12 times a year these days but it still matters. Keeping a blog running long term takes work.

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