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These are my superballs. I say I bought them for the boy but I play with them much more than him. I like the dull coloured one with an eye painted on it. It’s the magic eyeball. It glows in the dark and of the four it has the best balance between hard and soft. The finish is kind of rough or matte.

At the soft end is the red one. It’s slightly larger than the eyeball. Unfortunately both red and eyeball have sustained bitemarks from the boy. In the red ball’s case I feel like the nicks in it effect its bouncing. The red ball is the bounciest and if I put a bit of spin on it, red is the spinniest.

The yellow and the black & pink have a glossy finish which makes them harder and less bouncy. This can be a good thing at times but generally I prefer the more bouncy superballs.

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