in other news

I am now a father.

<a data-flickr-embed=”true”  href=”” title=”the baby”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”the baby”></a>

Of course these photos only show some of the golden moments and not the other 95% of each 24hrs that are difficult and stressful. But it’s definitely not ho-hum — not just a variation on something else I’ve done before. This is all new. Here, he shall be known as Baby G.

minor note on driving cars

One of us (it wasn’t me) had the tiniest of bingles last week. It left no mark of consequence on out car but another car got a scratch so an insurance claim had to be made. And so for a few days while our car is in the smash repair place I have been driving a rented corolla toyota, which is much more plush than what I am used to. The one thing I do like is that it is quieter inside the cabin. That’s good for listening to music but can make those awkward silences more pronounced if you’re giving someone a lift and don’t know what to talk about. I actually prefer that I can feel what the smaller engine is doing in my crude little micra.

This week in commuter news: both going up and coming back I was over-taken by a Smarties-green (_old_ Smarties-green) original Beetle with club plates. Nice to see there’s at least one person out there that doesn’t care for the preciousness of old things, or speed limits.