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The last 9 months or so I’ve been riding my bike the 15-20mins to work. Being able to do this is one of the nice things when comparing working here to when I was in Korea. It’s just the right speed – fast compared to walking but slow enough that I can have a good look around while moving.

Sadly it will be coming to an end in a month or so as I am taking up another job which will require me to drive a car on the freeway and into the bleak outer-west of Melbourne.  At least it will give me a chance to listen to music regularly again.


That’s right I am so off the track that I am finding out things from the canned radio in the supermarket now. The Harlem Shuffle, from The Stones’ fallow period was actually originally done by a couple of chaps called

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Also, the jukebox in my head randomly threw on Poison Ivy so I looked that up and _that_ was originally done by The Coasters who also did this great song Smokey Joe’s Cafe (starts at 5:41 secs).

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Lastly, partly because they’re local and also because it rocks, First And Last Men by <a href=””>ORB</a>.

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2 thoughts on “cycle beats commute”

  1. actually it was not the Stones version that was my introduction but 1966 at Melbourne’s Thumpin Tum when Harlem Shuffle was on the set list of The CamPact, a very hip outfit indeed.
    Stones video was by John Kricafalusi later gained fame with his Ren & Stimpy. just sayin.
    Good luck with The Kid when it rejects the music you love. sigh.

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