It’s not Philly

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Last week I finished my first term of proper teaching and getting paid for it. Not paid much mind you but it was all pretty stress-free and relatively enjoyable. Back in Korea most of the time I had to cajole the students into being interested in learning the Englishes. But if you live here and don’t know the language you know it as soon as you get to the bus stop.

My class was about half Aghan, half Karen-burmese and two Tibetan guys.

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In other news, Big Bash League cricket: making cricket watchable again.

One thought on “It’s not Philly”

  1. plenty of employees dream of having a stress-free job so bravo.
    How good to be able to make such a difference to another persons life as well.
    Yes the cricket. I see it during the hours spent at the pub, which is the only retail/commerce in the town of 100 others and me.
    Wishing you a stonking good 2016 mate.

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