Chocolate Santa

Considering I’ve been _paying_ to have this blog hosted on the internet this last 12 months I really should be making better use of it. At this rate it’d be working out to 3 or 4 dollars per post — not good mileage at all.

**Dick Laurent is dead**

And by that I mean rest in peace Robert Loggia. I know he was typecast as a mobster baddie but he did it pretty well. My favourite part of Lynch’s _Lost Highway_ :

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It’s strange to think that next year both Twin Peaks and The X Files will be returning to TV.

One thought on “Chocolate Santa”

  1. TwinPeaks and XFiles return possibly because most current TV is not worth a look.
    Robert Loggia films always good value. HighRiser blog reports the death also of Mr Rumbold from Are You Being Served? David Lynch would probably enjoy a viewing of any episode of that one.
    Lost Highway to me means Hank Williams though. wishing you all good things and sunny breaks.

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