Mad Rush by “Lucky Phil” Glass

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I <a href=””>came across</a> the rack of images that were sent off into space on the Voyager space craft. They have a great 70s retro feel and I particularly like this one above which I would informally title, “Food Party!”

Looking through the images I notice the lack of war/conflict photos and how that sits with the interestingly worded statement by the then World President Jimmy Carter — basically saying ‘we hope we can work our shit out and join you’. You’d think they would have at least included a photo of a mushroom cloud.


I am presently watching Breaking Bad. I held off for this long because I wasn’t interested in watching a TV show glamourising crystal meth, and I still don’t like the way it’s portrayed – use of it seems way too casual. In the second season it’s showing heroin use as being more addictive than meth use which seems wrong to me. Although it is a fairly well written show. I guess I’m fairly critical of it because it so hyped when it was running. I don’t know if using different coloured clothes to symbolise different states of mind of walter white qualifies it as the best tv show of the decade.


I still prefer watching stuff where I’m not expecting much and it delivers more. Like, thru the winter, revisiting The Professionals, which was on when I was a kid. British TV shows like this have such a sense of understatement.

I didn’t take any screenshots because I was watching and didn’t want to interrupt myself but I did note things which would’ve been good screenshots. Use your imagination.

  • Gordon Jackson as Cowley – the original hardarse boss, especially in the 1st season. He only got one episode about him – I guess he was too old and unsexy for the audience — great actor though.
  • Lewis Collins as Bodie – Collins was basically playing a Daniel Craig-class Bond character in an era when all we had was a discoball Bond. RIP.
  • <shot of characters with background of clear blue sky that looks green> The version of the series I found on the great river that is the internet was from the original prints which had aged and yellowed, making London look pretty crusty. But I like it and apparently the remastered dvds look bad.
  • <shot from late season 4, Doyle wearing a t-shirt and light-coloured blazer> I.E. doing the Miami Vice look before Miami Vice had even started. There’s no doubt Michael Mann saw The Professionals and was influenced by the triangular chief and two cop buddies format. Miami Vice had a lot more noir-ish baddies-get-killed endings than The Professionals but the connection is visible.
  • The essence of the understatement: CI5 cops have to drive budget but still sporty cars -> Ford Capri and Escort. Also being creative with budget; doing on-foot chases instead of with cars. Running through building sites, abandoned factories, across rooftops – 1970s parkour.

There was virtually no drop off in the quality of stories either. Season 5 finished and that was it. Nearly every other show I’ve watched that spanned more than three years I can’t remember how it ends up because I lose interest. Not so with The Professionals.

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