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I’ve just spent a week on the trains. Vline changed the Geelong to Melbourne line two weeks ago. There are more services now but they go a different way. Instead of going through Werribee and Newport they now go through Sunshine and a bunch of other strange new places. It takes about the same time but it _feels_ longer.

Last week I was travelling during peak-times which is very different (i.e. unenjoyable) to when I’m heading to Footscray to study as I have been this last year. More services but going a different way is kind of like a friend giving you a bowling ball for you birthday, which is good because you needed one but then the person says Now I’m coming with you every time you go bowling.

Also I’m pretty open minded when it comes to ‘the ‘burbs’, at least compared to some of my terminally trendy friends but these places like Tarneit and Deer Park are morbid. Terrible little houses — designed badly, stacked together, no trees — what hell! Wyndham Vale, the furtherest out new station doesn’t even have that yet – it’s just paddocks ready to be turned into the cancerous growth that is new, car-dependent (apart from this already overloaded train service) suburbia.

So anyway I needed a new podcast to fill the time. <a href=””>Here’s The Thing</a> with Alec Baldwin has a lot of episodes so you can pick ‘n choose the kind of interviews that are more your thing.

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  1. the not-so-great Lebowski Line then?
    Sadly I am familiar with the Werribee train after doing a house-sit there. Every second of it was horrifying but I am glad of the addition to my cultural frame of reference.
    As for actual Stations, ROCKBANK is unbeatable in The Horror Stakes. just google image.

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