forty one and still having fun

Yes it was my birthday a week ago. Here is what I got!

<a href=”″ title=”On his 41st birthday by Hi!  my name is:, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”400″ height=”500″ alt=”On his 41st birthday”></a>

For over two years I’ve been wanting to watch Korg 70 000 BC and for over two years I haven’t seen it anywhere as a torrent, so here we are. I got the DVD. This is another show that I dimly remember seeing as a child on BTV6. I can remember being at a friend’s house on a Saturday arvo and seeing it. This would’ve been in 1981 or ’82 I suppose. I won’t say too much about the actual show now because there’s not much info on the net so I might do an episode by episode synopsis. I will say that it kicked off in my birth year, 1974. And I thought the episodes would be 45mins each but are more like 25mins.

Also, Crocs. Really I was just looking for footwear that were comfortable enough to take over duties from another pair of comfortable plastic shoes made by Rivers that I now realise were crocs knock-offs. Apparently most people don’t like them and consider them hideous which is a shame because I think they’re really quite good. People say they make your feet look like hooves but my feet _really are that shape_. And hopefully wearing them with socks is <a href=””>the only thing I have in common with george w bush</a>.

As long as the strap is back over the ankle so they don’t fly off if you are running I really think these are our footwear of the future and we all will be wearing them in the far off future along with shiny silver jumpsuits that have a big triangle on the front.

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