cats, witches and wolves

Finally got around to revisiting Fairy Park in Anakie. As a kid my family went there many times¬† although I can only remember two¬† — one when it was sunny and the other cloudy. Yesterday was sunny but I think I prefer it better when it’s cloudy there. More Germanic feeling.

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We got there a few minutes after 10am, when it opens, and there was _still_ people ahead of us. It turned out to be quite busy a couple of hours after that. People from all over: international tourists, other parts of the state and locals.

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The playground had been totally remodelled but apart from that it hadn’t changed much since the early ’80s. All the displays were the same and in one case had lost function (Jack no longer climbs the beanstalk). I guess the hazard insurance for having little kids crawling all over the joint must be high but apart from that the owners must be raking the cash in for the part of the year that it’s open and hibernating nicely during the part that it’s not.

What was really nice to see was all these northern hemisphere conifers that have grown over the years.

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2 thoughts on “cats, witches and wolves”

  1. interesting country to drive through which is all I have done I was lost I think, or trawling Morrison cemetery or something for fam history) , but my farmer friend took her 3 girls there all the time and tells me they all loved it. I hope there is plenty of rain to keep these trees happy. Western district cyprus are presently suffering some kind of blight disease, it is tragic. Weekly Times says possibly carried by birds.

  2. Indeed, I’ve seen that all around colac and even the other day on the way to Anakie. The conifers in fairy park are different enough that I think they won’t be effected.

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