standby readers is in transit.


*Edit*: Okay that went about as expected. Time-consuming, perplexing but eventually most things end up in the same place. However, like moving house something always gets lost or broken. There’s all these backup/import options but none of them get everything. And now I find that wordpress, for quite some time has not included a link list in it’s default installation. Welcome to the Me generation. I don’t care about anyone else’s website, this is all about the self-aggrandisement.

So anyway – mo old, long link-list was one of those things that the damn exort thing doesn’t think to make a record of so I’m going to have to start anew and remember who and what was on there.

I’m really out of touch with this website building bizzo. It’s almost as if they make it increasingly complicated so the average person has to pay a _professional_ to make it all work.

After nearly 10years of free hosting with it felt like it was time to move. For a long time I had a distant but very coridal assocation with the head guy there but it seems he’d left as my emails went unanswered during the last year or more. Everything worked but I couldn’t log in to the controls anymore. Kind of like how the mars rover gradually fell apart.

So I moved it all to bluehost. The first year is priced at a very reasonable rate. Hopefully it’s reliable.

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