I am hesitant to write

yet another blogpost about my cat but in the absence of motivation to write about anything else, I will simply say she is _phenomenal_ with pest control. I guess now that it is late spring the four legged critters are in the upswing of their population growth, or rather, _would be_ if it wasn’t for the Charu treating them like an _hors d’oeuvre de jour_ dining menu.


We have this ritual where I feed her the usual tin cat food and a little dry food. She meows, I put the bowl of food down on the floor, she starts eating, I put the can in the fridge and do this or that for a moment. I come back over to her, hover above her and give her a pat. She looks up at me, often with mouth full and does this two-sylable mu-weow. And I always took that to mean ‘thankyou’ but I am starting to think it means, ‘is there any more?’ because she often seems unsatisfied with the amount so she goes out the back and swipes a young rat or mouse from near the neighbour’s chicken coop.

I was originally going to keep count of what she brought in but there’s been way too many. I’d say easily one per week.

I am reminded of that kids’ story about the goldfish. The more it was fed the bigger it got. Sometimes I wonder what the Charu would be like as a proper full-sized Bengali tiger.

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