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My head is so full at the moment I can’t even write blogposts. One month until end of deadlines with study. I haven’t mentioned I am doing more study. This time to be qualified to teach the Englishes to people who cannae speak it. It’s a long story. I should’ve mentioned it earlier. The right moment passed.

What I do have to say today is:

David Lynch says he’s going to make an extra 9 episodes of Twin Peaks in 2016 and I’m not entirely sure it’s such a good idea.

Aphex Twin released a new album after many years (10?) of silence. I’ve only listened a couple of times but at cursory inspection it just sounds like it might’ve been recycled stuff from ’96 or something.

My pussycat brought Death into the house again this morning. I am getting used to it. And I actually appreciate it kind of. I’m glad she has a job and is doing it. However I wish it wasn’t _at 5am_ that I had to dustbroom up a freshly dead long rat and piff it down the end of the backyard. And actually in mid-morning we were both sitting here and heard another (presumably) rat scruffling around in the ceiling so I guess it’s Spring in a relatively old house when having a cat pays off. I say to her, Fly, Fly my pretty!

One thought on “subdued urban digital”

  1. don’t let her boop your face while she has rat breath though.
    good luck with the qualifications. I wish everybody would speak properly.
    I wish I did not overhear German tourists ask for directions in a Ballarat information centre and get
    “ohyeah yajusgodown there turn leftright?”

    re yr Twts on the right:
    loathesome auspost CEO on $4m pa is muslim board member of Melb private school and caused sacking of beloved gay teacher. the kids don’t like his kids either.
    and stamps are going up to 80c any day now.

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