When in Rome all roads lead to Rome

My solo driving phase officially began today. After one failed attempt at getting the license 3 weeks ago, I got it last Thursday. We did some sunday-driving to a place where I once resided–Anglesea. Actually that’s where I first started this here blog, or to be completely accurate, blogging in one form or another. There’s no record of it so you’re going to have to take my word for it, but my earliest bloggin’ memory was of bloggin’ the day after the planes flew into the WTC + pentagon. I don’t know if it was even called blogging back then. Sadly those files, and maybe even files for a year or more after that got deleted at some point – but whatever. If they turn off the electricity it’s _all_ going to disappear.

3 thoughts on “When in Rome all roads lead to Rome”

  1. Dear Mr Toad of Toad Hall, nobody ever passes first attempt. It’s a Revenue Plot by Vicroads. Bravo though.

    I often think I should study psychology right now to be in place for the need boom when They take the webz away from us. x x

  2. Congratudidlyations! Driving, although expensive, is a good way to see stuff. Especially in a place as big as Arsetraya. Hope you both enjoy some more weekends away. Come up to Brisbane one day. We have a very comfortable blow up mattress!

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