The Sunny Breaks they are not dead

It has been a while since I posted but here we are.

I’ve been doing a few driving lessons. For someone so keen on motor racing and car design and so on and such forth I actually find driving pretty dreary. That’s probably why I’ve never been motivated to get the license. The one thing I would like is to get out travelling a bit. See all the little towns I’ve been through in the west of victoria. I like being a passenger. Looking out the window and day-dreaming. One invention that’s about twenty years too late for me is the self-driving car.

I guess I jumped the gun a bit on saying that winter was over six weeks ago or whenever. It has still been a bit cold. There has been quite a good deal of rain. Much more than what I remember it being like back in 2004. It’s hard to belive it’s been so wet and cool here when NSW has been burning. It’s nice to feel drizzle. Drizzle reminds me of being a teenager in the country. There is no drizzle in korea.

<a href=”” title=”October showers bring November flowers by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”320″ height=”320″ alt=”October showers bring November flowers”></a>



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