On his inevitable demise

The last two nights I have woken to the sound of a bell. A bike bell but not one of those new unsatisfying ‘ting!’ bells, it’s the old ‘brrring!’ kind. It would be reassuring to know that it was a real bell because then I would know that I wasn’t going crazy. But there is no bell here. The first time I thought someone was stealing the bikes but we only have the ting bike bells. The sound is not part of a dream, although admittedly could be signalling the end of a dream. Two nights in a row, at roughly the same time (2:30am) is a bit weird though. I shall have to investigate all devices to determine if there is some alarm set that I am not aware of.

*edit*: night 3, no bell. Sanity: returning.

*double edit* (16/9) – I think it’s something in J-e galaxy tablet. When it’s turned off there’s no bother.

3 thoughts on “On his inevitable demise”

  1. for whom the bell tolls?
    it tolls for thee?

    Is it a nearby doorbell – my Nans Federation house had a brnng type ringer bell.
    I must have enjoyed The Closer too many times when I could her her mobile ringing in my dreams.

  2. re your Tweet in the sidebar on ‘Liberals give cheeseman a corangamite sandwich’: he only got in because the long long longstanding member Stuey McArthur retired, and the Lib chick did not think she had to campaign too hard. big mistake. all those non-farm incomers who now live in Torquay skewed the vote.

    Her mother was the Lib candidate for Geelong who lost the election by 17 votes and caused the jeff Kennett tip out.
    moral: knock on every door. 17 votes – jeepers.

    1. If that was the one in the early 2000s then I contributed toward that 17. I handed out howtos for the greens that time around, and all up it was one of those experiences that reminded me that a small amount of people can make a difference.

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