take another step back

I’ve been battling away with the procrastination and getting a bit of study done of late. It’s related to music and occasionally there’s tracks I want to listen to for reference that I don’t have on any computer here and so I go take a look at youtube. It’s pretty amazing that when you type in artist name – album name – “full album” almost always it’ll show up and you can stream-listen the whole thing. Most middle class people have an internet connection that is capable of that these day. And it strike me that this is probably one main new way that kids are discovering new (old) music now. It’s quicker than *illegal downloading* and actually it strikes me as odd that the corporate music nazis don’t consider it illegal. Posting 10 seconds of a Simpsons episode will earn you a take-down but as long as it only has a still-image attached you can upload pretty much any album you want and it’ll stay there. Last night I was listening to <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rolling+stones+full+album&oq=rolling+stones+full+album&gs_l=youtube.3..35i39j0l9.394395.399490.0.400073.…1ac.1.11.youtube.gSpzf3zIzV8″>The Rolling Stones</a> <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCpkqZKuw6I”>December’s Children</a>. I really like that song Blue Turns To Grey.

On his inevitable demise

The last two nights I have woken to the sound of a bell. A bike bell but not one of those new unsatisfying ‘ting!’ bells, it’s the old ‘brrring!’ kind. It would be reassuring to know that it was a real bell because then I would know that I wasn’t going crazy. But there is no bell here. The first time I thought someone was stealing the bikes but we only have the ting bike bells. The sound is not part of a dream, although admittedly could be signalling the end of a dream. Two nights in a row, at roughly the same time (2:30am) is a bit weird though. I shall have to investigate all devices to determine if there is some alarm set that I am not aware of.

*edit*: night 3, no bell. Sanity: returning.

*double edit* (16/9) – I think it’s something in J-e galaxy tablet. When it’s turned off there’s no bother.

sunny breaks tells you how to vote and how to eat

Well this is exciting. I missed, what… the last two(?) elections but here I am all ready to vote. I was actually thinking I might get slapped with a nice big fine when I rock up to the booths on Sat. but I’m sure the DFAT told the AEC I was OS.

*”Humanity Is A Flawed Creation”*

I’ve been rewatching the 2000s ‘reimagining’ of BattleStar Galactica and really enjoying it. Edward James Olmos is a great actor. And in one scene he uttered the above pullquote. That’s pretty much how I feel when I think about politics, and parliamentary politics in general. It’s far from perfect but it could be worse.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnybreaks/9670347930/” title=”parliamentary politics by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3791/9670347930_bfbacffbf5_m.jpg” width=”240″ height=”240″ alt=”parliamentary politics”></a><br/>_Will we ever be free?_

This website <a href=”http://www.belowtheline.org.au/viewer/vic”>below the line</a> is useful for figuring out senate stuff. I wonder how many people out there properly understand how preferences work…? I mean, you can controlĀ  where the preferences go completely if you want, but if you want to be lazy and just vote “1” above the line on the senate paper then the above website shows you where each party send their preferences. I heard some misinformation a while back that the wikileaks party were sending their preferences to the shooters’ party but I am glad to see that’s not true.

It would be good to see Assange get into the senate even if only for the fact that it would mean that he could legally get out of the .ec embassy. I read most of <a href=”http://wikileaks.org/Transcript-Meeting-Assange-Schmidt.html”>this</a> a couple of months ago and he is really an intelligent fellow, perhaps too much so for Aust. govt but maybe that’s how you drag its IQ up.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnybreaks/9674039627/” title=”Broccoli : good by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3805/9674039627_4ca6c5388c.jpg” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”Broccoli : good”></a>

This is the biggest broccoli head I have grown. I stuck my hand in there for size comparison but I don’t think it worked. If there was some sort of petrol and fertilizer crisis I think I’d end up a lot thinner because we had to wait quite a while for what will be enough broccoli for part of one meal. I don’t know what _they_ grow broccoli in to get it so big. I didn’t use any fertilizer.