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I haven’t been to the footy since I was 15 but with J-e’s yen to try all things Australian and to spend some time with mum, we went to the Geelong vs Sydney game last Saturday at Kardinia Park. Sitting behind the goals is not my favourite spot because half the time when the play comes toward you, you’re excited to be able to actually see what’s happening but also wanting it to go away because it could mean the other team getting a goal.

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(Correct me if I’m wrong but) it’s strange to think that Kardinia is one of only three (MCG and Docklands too) stadiums currently being used by AFL in Victoria. It’s a shame that more teams don’t still have their home ground.

I was a little surprised at how orderly and polite the crowd was in general. And you know, I didn’t see one meat pie there. Not one! Maybe they don’t even sell them any more. I saw people walking around with buckets of chips, sometimes with some kind of “fish” fillets on top, hot dogs but no meat pies.

On Sunday we went to Bunning’s to get a few gardening supplies. It’s pretty amazing how many different kinds of garden hoses there are. Every colour except red/pink. I didn’t get a hose. I got a few plastic pots for vegetable growing projects. Also a cheap footy to kick in the local park. Interestingly none of these plastic things were made in China. Two pots from Italy, one made here, (plus a buck made in NZ) and the footy was made in India.

I should be working on my study but it’s damn hard to concentrate.

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  1. Nice cultural experience for J-e. I love my Tigers but have had to listen to NPR on the radio in the US on TuneIn just to stop hearing about the Essendon bull-dust. KALW San Francisco is worth a listen. Like 3LO except brainier!

  2. Yeah I think James Hird is in the running for most recognisable man of 2013.
    Will give that radio stn a listen. I resubsrcibed to RRR for the first time in many years but I still don’t listen to it (too many hipsters on there) I just want to win some of the prizes.

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