2 film noirs

I’ve been watching selections of film noir as recommended by the wikipedia page on such things. First up was Blast Of Silence (1961) which had a kind of ameteurish feel to it but liked it. And it’s also notable that about half of the story is told by a narrator in 2nd person.

_A visit to Big Ralph’s to order a gun in_ Blast Of Silence.

The second film was The Manchurian Candidate (1962) which was based on a book—aren’t all the best films adapted from books? Frank Sinatra, and evil Angela Lansbury, a killer plot and some really clever scenes (see below) – what’s not to like?

_Genteel horticulture enthusiast or dastardly Stalinist brainwasher?_

, — yak sox @ 7:31 pm, July 5, 2013

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  1. yes. unfortunately some films are poorly adapted from books and a disappointment to the reader. Best ever, and fairly noir for these times, is Polanskis The Ghost film of Robert Harrisses’ most excellent novel. ( RH is apparently writing now on Cornwell Le Carre who has famously resisted exposure)

    Angela Lansbury is fabulous in 20 ways. Look up her wiki and see she is Malc Turnbulls cousin and their grandfather is a Labor legend in Hackney with a statue and everything and Mals father wrote Dad n Dave.
    LOVE film noir. when Barbara Stanwyk wearing sunglasses and holding a smoking revolver in the supermarket says to Fred McMurray “I love you Walter, I’ve always loved you. That’s why I couldn’t shoot you in the stomach again” Raymond Chandler and Charles Barrett we salute you.

    Comment by ann odyne — July 6, 2013 @ 11:04 am

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