I decided the responsive theme was too much like joining the Borg. There was no easy way to modify it. It’s like those new cars that have the engine bay all locked up in plastic and you need a qualification in rocket science to make any changes to it. So, it’s back to the old style, but with more motivation to update it.

Similarly, I wake to find that self-preservation has spurred the labor party to stick kruddy back into nerd postition no.1 up there in nerdcity. Because being out of power is a great motivator.

One thought on “backpeddle”

  1. at least now, when they lose the election, it will be the fault of men.
    As I just said at Copperwitch
    If he is Labor’s baby, they have clearly forgotten, as women do, how awful it was LAST TIME with 3 personal assistants quitting within 12 months, and everybody else having to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and that thing with the sandwiches on the plane.

    and I do urge you enjoy her post

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