rolling with the cafenol

The hipstamatic app is still my favourite toy and to a small extent it’s got me interested in the history of photography. Some of the lenses and film types usable in the camera app are based on old, sometimes cheap cameras that are no longer made (at least not in the way they originally were). Info on those is fairly easy to come by. For example the Helga lens = <a href=””>Holga camera</a> and the Jane lens I’m pretty sure is based on the <a href=””>Diana</a> camera.

Naturally some looks or combinations have become my favourites but I muck around with it quite a bit and am left with enough time to sit with the filters that I’ve never really found a use for, and to try them again.  <a href=””>Cano Cafenol</a> is one such film. It was named after a photography business guy, Gabriel Cano who created a technique whereby photos are developed in a solution of <a href=””>instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin C</a> which used to be called Cafenol but is now titled <a href=””>coffee processing</a>.

<a href=”” title=”Cano set by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”Cano set”></a>

I took one shot with Cano Cafenol and each of the currently available 29 lenses to see which one I liked with it best. <a href=””>The results: inconclusive</a>. As is often the case it’s not the look of the image, it’s whether or not there’s actually something interesting going on in it.

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