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I only just came across this, Jerry Seinfeld’s <a href=””></a> last week but I ended up watching them all in one go. Some of the people are unknowns, and some of the vids fall a bit flat but a few of them are real gems. In particular I liked:

1. with Michael Richards. It was kind of sad to hear the story of where he’s at now. It sounds like he doesn’t go out much. Pretty refreshing to come across something that seemed as honest as that was. The one with Larry David, the other writer of the Seinfeld TV series was similar in how it showed how neuroses-riddled the Hollywood area of LA must be.

2. with Alec Baldwin, who seemed to be one of the only interviews that really comfortable to be interviewed by Seinfeld. I like how he basically put jerry on the spot and asked him why is isn’t doing more. Baldwin is funny and came across as one of the least self-obsessed of the people on there.

3. with Karl Reiner and Mel Brooks. This one was the best, and I haven’t even seen the Dick van dyke show, and you know I don’t know if I’ve ever seen _Blazing Saddles_ all the way through (although I will soon now). I read through both guys’ wikipedia pages after this — and you really have to respect Mel Brooks for trying so many non-mainstream things during his career. I liked the real life element to it as well — these guys are _old_. Both of their wives passed away in the last ten years — and now Mel comes over to Karl’s house each night and they watch DVDs together. Brooks is still funny as hell, but everyone gets old and eventually ends up talking with a bit of food stuck on their face.

If you’ve got a spare hour or so you definitely should watch at least those three — it’s way better than the shit-sandwiched between the same commercials on TV these days.

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