deledy is a place where the golden fields roll right down to the vast inland sea

I can’t get used to the fact that it’s winter now but I am still getting sunburned if I am outside for too long during the day without wearing sunscreen. I don’t like sunscreen and it’s an alarming thought that I might have to wear it every day. I wear a daggy hat sometimes but don’t feel like wearing it every day. Non-daggy hats are useless because they don’t shade the face. There is no answer to this problem. Either the sun is getting hotter or the environment has changed. I’m sure it’s not that my skin has become more sensitive. It may have a little, but not that much in such a short time — a matter of years — since I can remember being out in the sun at this time of year and not feeling the sting of it after a few hours. I am reminded of an episode of ST:TNG where captain picard is transported to an alien world and lives a whole life in a different culture where the sun is slowly going supernova which effects the planet and eventually destroys it. This is demonstrated by gradually turning up the contrast/brightness in the camera. I may have blogged about this before.

*New shoes:*

<a href=”” title=”Cruises in new shoeses by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”320″ height=”320″ alt=”Cruises in new shoeses”></a>

There’s a New Balance clearance centre on smith street collingwood with 574s for 80bucks, so ebay sellers who advertise products they don’t have can go to oblivion. I couldn’t get the exact colour I was after but I am satisfied.

J-e got a job last week! [at cryptic clue: “to grok” (less deep)] I always knew that when we came here, her job-skills would be more marketable than mine. Her team is Team Baby. If it was me I would insist it be called Team: Baby! or at least Baby team alpha. Anyway, this is good news financially and so one thing we have been sorely lacking is a decent couch. We got a futon sofa couch from Back To The Futon in Preston. It’ll be delivered next week and is sure to do wonders for my posture and productivity.

4 thoughts on “deledy is a place where the golden fields roll right down to the vast inland sea”

  1. melanomas are not funny to have or to have removed, so be daggily SAFE and laugh at sunsoakers. I burn in the 10 minutes of sun required to maintain Vitamin D levels, thanks to Scots ancestors.

    congrats on all 3 new developments in Life Of Yak.

    1. Tone, I don’t know where on high st they used to be but they’re in preston now. The guy was telling me they used to have something like 12 shops thru melb but now they’re down to two.

  2. Ann, I’m of scottish ancestry too and I think conditions have changed enough that it’d be easy to get burnt in scotland now too.

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