Star Wars Imperial Briefing Room Action Figures Box Set

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I was surprised to read that the Kenner merchandising of the original Star Wars trilogy continues. This scene, from Star Wars 4: A New Hope, set in a briefing room, best remembered for Darth Vader saying, “I find you lack of faith disturbing”, and also doing the invisible choke on one of the meeting participants, is the subject of a whopping 7 figure set, costing 80-90bucks! I remember when they were $1.50 each! Apparently, someone out there out there in the sci-fi community, imaginative and with too much time on their hands, made up an 8000 word story about the guy wearing white, who in the film was completely uncredited.

<a href=”” title=”doyouknowthisman by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”320″ height=”242″ alt=”doyouknowthisman”></a><br/>_Do you know this man?_

So Sunny Breaks is putting it out there. PSA. Is this your grandpa? That old guy who lived next door with the great lemon tree who used to get the odd bit of work here and there as a film extra? Tangentially, doing a google image search for ‘do you know this man?’ gets a bit sketchy – but <a href=””>this is interesting</a>.

*In other news* Flickr is finally doing something about updating itself. Unfortunately it’s not the right thing. Flickr is owned by yahoo! Yahoo! is like the GTV Channel 9 of the internet — everything they do seems to reek of crapiness.

3 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Briefing Room Action Figures Box Set”

  1. agree on the Ch 9 crap thing. I hardly watch TV, but a while ago an enjoyable show got my attention and I was happy to suspend disbelief to enjoy it. They premiered it at 8:30 Tuesday, then it was Wednesday, then it was 9:30, then it skipped a few weeks, then it was 10:40, then they started showing it out of sequence. I despair.
    re StWars: many uncredited characters were played by tech crew people and stunt guys, many have died since, many characters were played by people who played other characters as well, so there is a great deal to confuse one over this mystery White Uniform Guy.
    To muddle it further, he looks just like Ian McDiarmid, but I reckon it is this Australian bit-part actor Bruce Whightman who got sick of his name being spelled incorrectly and turned into ‘Whiteman’.

  2. and here’s a photo that nails it.

    re Ch 9 again, other people are bitching about it here. the comment by poi reminded me that it just ‘ended’ 3 shows short of the dramatic arc and left us all hanging. There’s some intelligence to it, so it mucks up their programming for idiots. the DVD set is the solution.

  3. Hmm, yeah I don’t think it’s the same guy, unless he had his ears pinned back or something.

    Re TV. I thought I’d be watching lots when I got back here but the ads are a big turnoff. A 90minute movie takes 2hours 10mins to watch. We watch one d.loaded ep of X-file per night and that’s all.

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