That’s a license plate on a mr.whippy van I just saw. Nice.

Apparently there <a href=”http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-05-02/earthquake-rattles-geelong-residents/4664200″>was an earth tremor</a>  around here last night. I didn’t feel anything, although I didi wake up at 3am. But it’s always like that. Something like a loud car or a yobbo yelling could wake me up but then by the time I’m awake and conscious of the fact I have no idea why I’m awake — and usually it’s just because a dream has finished and I need to go take a leak.


My favourite meal used to be fish and chips but I’ve had it a total of three times in the 2 months I’ve been back. I think I’m just a bit too old for it now — it doesn’t feel that healthy. And I’m a bit dismayed to find that the unwritten rule of potato cakes is no longer being honoured. It used to be that if you ordered two potato cakes they’d give you three — and so on. Not anymore. Two is 2.

In the war of slugs v. me, I’m winning. It’s made easier by the fact that they only seem to like beetroot and lettuce seedlings. I put coffee grounds around the beets and that stopped the slugs, but I thought it might be caffeine-blasting the seedlings. They’re looking better after a couple of days and I’m going belt and suspenders by adding crushed up egg shell around the perimeter.

One thought on “L1CKME”

  1. in my region people without ‘town water’ and without rain, buy water from sellers with … tank trucks and I saw one the other day DRNKME. Years ago an Altman movie Brewster McLeod about a mad bird boy had a car BRDSHT.
    Thanks for the ecological snail/slug deterrents – I needed that for the spring bulbs I have been planting. Snailbait is evil stuff and that includes their ‘pet safe’ claim. ask any vet.
    Good luck with counting the beets

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