Beets by dr. dre sox

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I’m really enjoying having ground for gardening. You know, I may have even mentioned it before, but sure land is at a premium in S.korea, but it’s also the mentality there in that it’s normal to live in tiny places with ho garden. I have to say it was difficult being that disconnected from nature and not having your own little bit of nature to mess around with. The last place I lived at here in australia (just down the road) I did have the opportunity to do gardening but wasn’t really into it. I guess, something about it not being “mine” but here, now, eventhough we’re renting I do feel more like owning it and so am having a bit of a play at vegetable growing.

Above: the more successful of the beetroot, to date. I put some in part of the lawn area and they were looking good initially but then were attacked by slugs or something. Also the birds, though they mean well, keep scratching up that bit of ground looking for worms. I thought the soil underneath the white stones might be okay, and once we’re done the stones can be easily raked back into boring rental-position. They’re getting the most sun and so far are unbothered by predators.

Also planted some broccoli, parsley, fennel, spinach, lettuce and a half-hearted attempt at potatoes. May need to get some straw to really make potatoes work which may exceed my lazy-threshold.

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  1. I rented from 1990 until 2005 and had a beaut garden everywhere I went. I grew sooooo much stuff in my backyard in Northcote, even in winter. Radishes and beets were good. Buy a few big buckets from a $2 shop and put the rocks into storage and go ‘sick’ with sugar cane mulch or lucerne from a produce store and good luck. Lettuce for $3.00 is ridiculous. They grow in 6 weeks for 2 cents each from seed (well, for the cost of the water anyway). I love the garden!!!!

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