Check out this Parmesan wheel!

Parmasan wheel at the super market

A whole, real wheel down at the local IGA supermarket. Foto is a bit blurry—I sometimes feel a bit weird taking fotos of things like that, expecially when I’m wearing my tracksuit. I remember seeing a doco about someone travelling around northern Italy and whole, good quality Parmesan cheese wheels like this are treated like currency there. They were keeping them in the bank vault.

As an adjunctive sidenote, I lost all my Hipstamatic iphone camera presets. One of the hidden pain-in-the-arses of moving countries is that if you have an iphone then you pretty much need to change to the new country’s appstore, but to keep getting updates for apps, you then need to delete and re-download them from the current appstore. I spent the whole afternoon yesterday doing that.

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  1. and check out the bright clean big-impact homepage.
    The IGA in Preston has about 30 different fresh cheeses in their sumptuous deli display. Go where the Italians live for the best food. I wish I owned that parmesan wheel – I’d sell it and buy a car.

    Apps are a complete mystery to me. I just saw one for connecting your guitar to your ipad/phone
    There is an IGA one where you point your phone for instore bargains, so the huge stand-up at the entry tells me.
    I hope you have some fresh shaved parmesan on a gorgeous lunch.
    Buon appetito

    Comment by iODyne — April 12, 2013 @ 10:49 am
  2. Appsalutely—there’s some pretty nifty music apps. I have one by Moog that is like a moogerfooger filter. But this particular camera app qualifies as my favourite toy for the whole of last year.

    Comment by YS — April 12, 2013 @ 1:52 pm

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