Beets by dr. dre sox

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I’m really enjoying having ground for gardening. You know, I may have even mentioned it before, but sure land is at a premium in S.korea, but it’s also the mentality there in that it’s normal to live in tiny places with ho garden. I have to say it was difficult being that disconnected from nature and not having your own little bit of nature to mess around with. The last place I lived at here in australia (just down the road) I did have the opportunity to do gardening but wasn’t really into it. I guess, something about it not being “mine” but here, now, eventhough we’re renting I do feel more like owning it and so am having a bit of a play at vegetable growing.

Above: the more successful of the beetroot, to date. I put some in part of the lawn area and they were looking good initially but then were attacked by slugs or something. Also the birds, though they mean well, keep scratching up that bit of ground looking for worms. I thought the soil underneath the white stones might be okay, and once we’re done the stones can be easily raked back into boring rental-position. They’re getting the most sun and so far are unbothered by predators.

Also planted some broccoli, parsley, fennel, spinach, lettuce and a half-hearted attempt at potatoes. May need to get some straw to really make potatoes work which may exceed my lazy-threshold.

Check out this Parmesan wheel!

<a href=”” title=”Parmasan wheel at the super market by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”500″ alt=”Parmasan wheel at the super market”></a>

A whole, real wheel down at the local IGA supermarket. Foto is a bit blurry — I sometimes feel a bit weird taking fotos of things like that, _expecially_ when I’m wearing my tracksuit. I remember seeing a doco about someone travelling around northern Italy and whole, good quality Parmesan cheese wheels like this are treated like currency there. They were keeping them in the bank vault.

As an adjunctive sidenote, I lost all my Hipstamatic iphone camera presets. One of the hidden pain-in-the-arses of moving countries is that if you have an iphone then you pretty much need to change to the new country’s appstore, but to keep getting updates for apps, you then need to delete and re-download them from the current appstore. I spent the whole afternoon yesterday doing that.

Pumex international movers: a mini review

I was going to write this ages ago and then I decided I wouldn’t since it’s just a company doing its job. I discovered the process of finding a company to ship all of your household goods from one country to another is not an easy one, so this post is more for people in the future (in korea primarily) who might find themselves in the same situation.

We found Pumex online. They sent a guy around to talk to us about it. He looked at what we wanted to ship and quoted us 1.5 mil KRW. We weren’t taking any furniture just a bunch of stuff like books, clothes, kitchenware, electronics equipment and eight guitars. It ended up being 36 boxes and the end price was 1.7mil — a bit higher than the quote. Other costs included insurance. We had to value the stuff ourselves and then pay something like 1 or 2% of the total amount insured. I think it was 2%, I can’t remember. But I know that we paid another 180k KRW for that. It seemed like a lot, but some of those guitars are worth a bit, and before the move I didn’t have much faith in everything getting to Australia unbroken. Afterall, everyone’s seen video and heard stories of neglectful mover, couriers and deliverers.

However, this was the area that Pumex really excelled. The guy they sent around on the moving day did a really good job at boxing everything up. He custom-made boxes for irregularly shaped items (eg. bass guitar, big telly), foam padding was applied liberally and the double-gauge corrugated cardboard was supa-solid. Nothing at all got broken on the way so in hindsight I guess I could’ve skimped a bit on the insurance, but then I guess insurance is always like that.

Pumex did say they were going to put the eight guitars into a wooden crate before going into the shipping container but I never saw it — it would’ve been hammered together at Busan and taken apart in Melbourne, that is, if they made one at all. Either way, all the guitar necks were fine. Each guitar was put into a separate custom-made cardboard box, then they were put all-together in one big cardboard box. At one stage J-e was standing on one of the empty cube-shaped boxes and it didn’t collapse, so that’s a good example of how rigid the cardboard was.

Another cost we had was Customs & quarantine clearance fee, which would be different for each country you wanted to ship to, but Australia’s (I’m guessing) is kind of high. That was about $150 AUD. To make sure our shipment wasn’t delayed and put through the special treatment at quarantine we were advised to clean the soles of our shoes and be detailed with any food we were sending. We did both, and they did open the shoe box to take a look but didn’t even bother with the food box.

All up it was about one month from when the boxes left us in Seoul to when they were delivered to us in Geelong west.

For us, or for me really, being 8 years in korea and being a collector/hoarder of things this kind of move was the best option. It was better than dealing with a-holes on craigslist, trying to sell things for a fraction of their worth. Sending boxes through the post office would’ve been a huge hassle too. Going with Pumex was kind of expensive but took a lot of the stress out of the task.

The toys do not speak

Thought I might try my hand at updating the look of the site. Traditionally these things have not gone well, but this theme, “responsive” has broken almost nothing from the start — goodoh. I think I’ll jigger with it over the next few days to get it looking like its hokey old self while maintaining the modern innards. Meanwhile here’s a foto of the bay from near the shell refinery.

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half a leftover bunny, a pinch n’ a punch and a fool

I was just looking at the news at <a href=””>speed cafe</a> and thinking that’s not too surprising — Dick Johnson Racing has been having financial troubles this season, so having a new manufacturer come in and back them sounded about right. Honda would’ve been my guess, but the shape of that side window — why is he sitting in a DeLorean?

It’s been a while since I’ve been here for an April 1st, I don’t usually see anything show up until google do something tamely predictable.

Speaking of motor racing, I was _genuinely disturbed_ (in a way I never am by fiction tv, or even international news reports) after last week’s Malaysian F1 race. Of course my first reaction as an Australian was that vettel completely did the wrong thing but then the lasting implications of a team member not following instructions are much greater — and frankly, something you almost never see these days in any sport. Either through the big stick of money/no money + contracts, or sports psychology/”there’s no “I” in team” brain washing, you you never see a football player, or a cricket person, or pretty much any kind of sports player doing anything other than what they’re told.

It’s definitely given F1 journalism something to talk about and it will surely come back to bite that greedy, fearful sebastien vettel on the arse _(ass)_.