Well it’s been a good two weeks now here in the new digs and things are slowly coming together. I’ve never moved into a place that was completely unfurnished and without a car or driver’s license getting the big stuff here has taken some doing, along with the kindness of friends, family and new friends. The good thing is if you’re not too choosy then you can get almost all of that stuff for free. Couch, small table, chairs; for all intents and purposes there’s no such thing as op-shops (or community) in Seoul. You see how I’m still complaining about korea.

It’s great to have soil (a really decent (decent for a flat) sized enclosed front yard) and sky (no giant buildings blocking it out and the marbling grey, blue, white approaching sunset. Different sorts of clouds, rainbows, a certain shade of blueness to the blue and rainbow lorikeets _zzapping_ across). I’m also lovingĀ  the fact that while we’re in a relatively inner ‘burb (in geelong, sure) and that it’s dead quiet at night. It seems that everyone here sleeps at night. In Seoul there was always people walking around, driving around all night. You’d see whole families including little kids out at 11:30pm — it’s nice that there’s no fear of street crime there but kids should be in bed.

2 thoughts on “drizzle”

  1. so glad you are away from the vicinity of the nutter playing ‘countries’ with his nukes and silly hats.
    Good luck
    Geelong. and IT’S FOOTY TIME. YAY

    1. Indeed. I’ve been watching a few games because it’s been so long since I’ve seen it.
      Re NK, the biggest bluffs are always made when there’s nothing in the hand.

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