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Well, it’s been a touch over two weeks back in australia, and all of it in the country at my mum’s place. Some time was spent house-hunting and some time has been spent waiting for the place we got become ready to move into. I’m heading back to right near where I was living before moving to s.korea, in Geelong west. I’m happy about that. It feels like the right place for me. Hopefully it’s practical re study and or work for me and or J-e.

It’s a bit difficult getting used to watching tv shows that are on free-to-air tv again because of all the commercials. Watching a 90min movie takes two and a half hours. But because of the digital thingy  now there’s a lot more choice than there was 8 years ago. We cleaned out the gutters on the roof of the house. Easily the best, well-mulched soil on the whole property up there.

In Australia and especially out here in the ruralscape, life is all lived in what the nerds call meatspace. A little less so in Korea. I’ve been trying to buy a few things like a futon and a fridge and initially tried looking things up on the internet, but when places actually have a website, usually it’s just a static page with no prices and no way of doing online purchases. Not that I’d buy either of those things sight-unseen. With real-estate being a lot less available in seoul, web-shops are much more common.

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