And now for the good stuff

It seems silly to go on holiday and only blog about the bad stuff. So here’s the good bits I haven’t mentioned yet.

_at Tropical Spice Gardens_

Accommodation: In Kuala Lumpur we stayed at the *Classic Inn* for a total of 6 or 7 nights. I definitely recommend it. The staff really make an effort to see that you’re happy. I actually stayed here two years ago too, but then I was in a single room. There was a slight misunderstanding on the first night when we got put in a musty-smelling twin-room with no window (avoid room 105 if possible) but once I kicked up a bit of a fuss (brought on by a distinct lack of sleep) we moved to a better room = ask for room 107; it’s a twin-room but you’re with your with your sweety you can just push the beds together. It’s got a window, is relatively quiet in that it’s down a separate hallway, but the window opens onto the front common area, so if the Inn is full then there will be people out there talking til late. That’s to be expected I guess, after all, it’s not a monastery. Also, the wireless node is on the ground floor so you get the best reception if you’re in the ground floor rooms (the rooms on the top floor don’t get any waves, I believe).

They give a free breakfast of coffee, (very grateful for that) fresh fruit, toast and Malaysian-style pancakes or cold noodles. They do laundry for a very reasonable rate and they’ll store luggage (again price is very reasonable) if you want to head off to other parts of the country. All the other features are on their website. The best thing about the place, I would say, is it’s location. It’s easy to get off to all the touristy places and all of the domestic stuff you might need (supermarket, reliable eateries) is literally just across the road.

Penang To be honest we really wanted to go to Langkawi Island but it was all booked up. Penang is a bit more urbanised, or to be more exact, suburbanised. There’s a ring road around Georgetown, the capital, that reminded me a bit of Melbourne or Sydney. Things are spread out across the island which mean you’ll be catching a lot of buses or taking taxis or renting a car. We stayed at the Hydro hotel, which, on the whole, was quite good. The room we stayed in was big, had a partial sea view, balcony and was quiet. They have a pool too, which is good because apparently the nearest beach, batu Ferringhi (not Ferengi) was too polluted to swim in.

The best place we went to in Penang was Tropical Spice Garden which had a whole bunch of spice and herb plants spread around some lovely little pathways. If, like me, plants don’t rock your boat then you might be more interested in the … monkeys!

_I’d been waiting my whole damn life to see monkeys in the wild. Last week I did._

There’s a bunch of little (I don’t know what kind) monkeys up in the trees and if you’re lucky (like if you go in the morning) you’ll see one or two come down out of the canopy to a lower level to eat flowers. It wasn’t crowded at TSG and it’s a good way to get away from the main road and its traffic noise.

Also while there we had the best meal of the whole two weeks, at their connected restaurant, called Monkey Tree. It’s actually Thai food and due to the spice gardens, they use all their own fresh lemongrass etc.



  1. oh isn’t it too cute.
    ‘The dusky leaf monkey, Spectacled Langur, or spectacled leaf monkey is a species of primate in the Cercopithecidae family. It is found in Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand’
    Then I put the name into image search and saw lots more really cute spectacled langurs. eating flowers of spice plants is cute too.
    Your food photos have triggered a need – I’m going now …

    Comment by ann odyne — February 14, 2013 @ 10:13 pm
  2. Gee why didn’t I think of that. I thought they were rhesus monkeys. That’s the only one I know in the small size.
    Hope u found a nice vegetarian tom yum.

    Comment by YS — February 14, 2013 @ 11:08 pm
  3. I live by Google search. just put “cute monkey” in, and then clicked over to Images and picked him from the line-up.
    I found vegetarian mushroom agnolotti thank you.
    Are you aware of the UK hysterics over the discovery of horsemeat in packaged burgers? First the reports blamed Poland, then Ireland, yesterday the Dutch, and last night the French. The hypocrisy of lamb eaters being horrified by Shergarburgers makes me laugh. A monkey can live on leaves and we can too.

    Comment by ann odyne — February 15, 2013 @ 7:56 am

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