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I’ve been an appreciator or what <a href=”http://ninjatune.net/”>Ninja Tune</a> produces since I came across Amon Tobin’s stuff in 2000. Being without regular, good FM radio has been one of the many bummers about being here. One small thing I found to fill the gap has been the <a href=”http://solidsteel.ninjatune.net/”>Solid Steel</a> weekly hour and half (or something) of _beatz_ overseen by the record label’s honchos,  Cold Cut & DK, and usually has a guest of some kind. Some of the mixes they’ve done over the last year have been sweet, especially a Beastie Boys special with DJ Cheeba. Also I thought it was a really cool move getting a bunch of the label’s artists’ music into the soundtrack for the computer game, ‘Sleeping Dogs’, which was released last year.

Anyway, Ninja even made the effort to track me down to this here website and emailing me a few new tracks from folks they’re working with. And they’ve said it’s alright for me to share with you. So, of the four, I liked this one the best: <a href=”http://www.sunnybreaks.org/werx/Moire-_Into.mp3″>Moire – INTO</a>. It’s very 1st world urban sounding. It’s the sound of London, baby! [I’ll leave that file there for a few months but not forever. More reasonable people, <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> already give me so much, I wouldn’t want to vampire their bandwidth.]

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It’s been a strange year for me listen-to-musically. My music library basically fucking broke when I tried to transfer the files for itune (on a mac mini) to itunes on a larger capacity windows box. Every song got a doppelganger, and the whole thing never really recovered. Also, the collection got so big and out of hand that I was losing control of it. I’m still kind of stuck using itunes and I’m really not happy with it. Electronic music files and the internet has introduced me to so much stuff I’d never have heard otherwise but it’s so easy to lose, or forget — so ephemeral.

The most serious problem I’ve had is tracks mysteriously disappearing from itunes. Eg. an album of 12 songs will be there and viewable in the itunes window, but when I go to click through them, 1 out of 12 will say, for eg. “The song “Windowlicker” could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?” and I say, ‘Yes, you better bloody well locate it’ but it’s nowhere on the computer. Yet, strangely, it’s still on the phone, from when the file was on the computer and copied to the phone. But I don’t think there’s any way for re-upload it from the phone to the computer. Thankfully, it’s not at the ratio of 1 in 12, but any loss is bad.

An internet search shows me plenty of other people have this problem but nothing’s being done about it yet.

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My attitude toward music has grown a bit hackneyed in the last 12 months too. Sometimes it just feels like a thing I use to distract my monkey-mind. I haven’t felt comfortable blasting the speakers in this apartment because the walls seem thinner and I don’t know the people living around me, whereas I did in 2011 (and I knew there was no one downstairs). I use music to blot out the noise of people on public transport — that ain’t good. And sometimes I get sick of all the old stuff I listen to habitually, but at the same time don’t feel like there’s any space in my life for new music either. For a long time I’ve been working on a theory that there’s only so much new music that I can connect with in any given period of life. There needs to be some new stimulus — like being in a new place, a new feeling, a new season, a new section of life, for the new music to attach to. It’s been slow going for me in those areas of late.

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