boxes and boxes

Packing day is done. And it was a lot less trouble than I thought it’d be.

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When I came to Korea I came with one large bag — not even a suitcase — just a cheap nylon bag I got from the Vic markets. And now there is 35 or something boxes and it all has to go in part of a shipping container. It’s nice being in the apt. with nothing here. I’d like to be a minimalist kind of person the whole time but it’s just not me. We don’t actually get on a plane til friday so there was a couple of things that had to stay back, like the mattress. It wasn’t coming anyway since 8 years of compression has left it pretty useless. Come Fri morn I guess we’ll either toss it out on to the footpath (pavement) or burn it. Thankfully the weather deities have been smiling on us and the last day and the next two has been/will be unusually mild. Tomorrow’s top: 14&#8451;  !!!

This meant that the heavy coat could go in a box, saving precious room in the suitcase — the suitcase I’ll be living out of for the next 1-2 months. Before getting back to Australia we’re off to Malaysia for two weeks, which I’m looking forward to. Most of all I think the food. Korean food is good but it does get a bit monotonous.

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  1. Beautiful wrapping work Christo would be proud of, but could you not just leave the mattress for whomever comes into the rooms after you?

    As for boring food, it’s all meat and vegetables, anywhere really. Wishing you happy travelling.

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